Crisis Public Relations

Crisis Public Relations

Have public crisis problem in China market? Want to delete negative info in China media and news? Contact with Domatters a China located marketing agency. 

Negative Chinese information deletion

Negative information: usually refers to the bad, negative side; negative effect and impact.

In terms of network, it can also be called negative news, negative news, network crisis, etc.

Negative news has seriously affected the reputation and development of enterprises. Many of them are done by their peers or competitor.

Platforms we might be dealing with:

(1) Sina blog deletion

(2) Baidu search results (PC, mobile) screening, results or snapshots

(3) Baidu Post Bar Poster Deleted

(4) Baidu knows to delete

(5) Sohu deletes from the media

(6) Question and Answer Deleted

(7) Public Comments and Closing of Stores

(8) Search drop-down box and related search deletion

(9) Skyline deletion

(10) Negative deletion of other news source sites, e.g. Wechat negative info, TikTok negative video

Usually 2 - 7 days, no refund can be deleted.

Please contact [email protected] for customer service consultation.

Dozens of large companies have signed perennial cooperation with our company.

The cooperative units are listed companies, leading enterprises, front-line stars, well-known colleges and universities, group companies, etc.


1. No one can guarantee that every negative news can be deleted. We only charge those deleted Successfully (the remaining money can be refunded).

Conscience work, credit, credit! Contact us.

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