Special Traffic

Special Traffic

Special traffic package in Domatters when you plan to target Chinese people for your business-China sms, online celebrity,Chinese KOL

1. China SMS-short message service.  Though Chinese people now less and less use phone message to communicate daily.  But message still works. SMS do not work for all industries,  But let's say if you want to promote your brand or you need to send message to your registered member, you need Chinese SMS service. And we provide big SMS service in big quantity. 

2. China online celebrity/influencer's Wechat account, red book account, TikTok account. We Domatters have celebrity source. Check it at  our Chinese official website  www.domatters.cn.  

3. Sina Weibo.  Can't speak Chinese? Don't know  how to communicate with and where to find China KOL? Don'worry.  We help you to get Chinese key opinion leader in Sina the most important social media in China market.  By Chinese KOL, your brand awareness will boost quickly.  And we also have packages to increase your Sina account fans in big quantity and get hundreds of manual comments by real Chinese guy. 

4. 7 days quick ranking. You will have hundreds of thousands of keywords ranked sync in top of all Chinese search enginee baidu, 360, sogou,etc within 10 days. In this package, you will grab top 10 result of baidu. There will be 3-5 url belongs to you in baidu top 10 .  Again, it is hundreds of thousands of keywords will rank top sync in all Chinese search engine.  The most quickly way that you can entry China marketing.  Contact domatters to get case study.

5. baijiahao content traffic.  Baijiahao is one China content platform under baidu. Baidu give lots of traffic to baijiahao. The most important is that  it is free to post article in baijiahao. According to Domatter's experience, our client will get hundreds of thousands of readings per article we post in general.   We promise you that your articles will get thousands of real readings monthly. 

6. China Network alliance/ website alliance. In domatters, we provide China network alliance service where you can do advertising in thousands of China websites by just few single click.  Prepare your campaign, select websites where you want do advertising, and domatters network alliance will complete the whole process. 

Send email to [email protected] to get quotation for all above special traffic packages. 

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