Domatters Special/Weird Traffic Promotion

Domatters Special/Weird Traffic Promotion

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Custom Package:

Package 1: 100 yuan push 50,000 websites package 2: 200 yuan push 130,000 websites

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Warm Tip: Monthly package is more cost-effective.

What is “alternative promotion”?

Answer: “Alternative promotion” is to promote your advertising to third-party statistics, know what the third-party statistics should understand. When people look at their website and count how much traffic they have, they will notice your advertising information. Similar to our promotion, you can also see our advertisements from the statistics.

This promotion is a relatively new way of promotion, than forum posting, QQ group promotion, what pop-up promotion effect is hundreds of times better.


Promotion effect obvious case:

First, free IP traffic to webmasters, and then webmasters will certainly be curious to find out what the word is, the result tells you that this is the advertising information we promote, at this time presumably the behind-the-scenes planners have reached their goals, I give a webmaster a few free IP traffic, you help me search this keyword in the search engine, if given to 10,000 What about the stationmaster? The result is ideal, but also for their own products brand and visibility. This is just one of them. On the other hand, we are considering that since we have searched, understood and known, will some webmasters feel curious to download and study it? As long as you can download and study it, it is not far from using his software.

This incident let me understand a new set of marketing model of behind-the-scenes planners, with small investment, good effect and strong pertinence. The purpose of our traffic is to make our reputation known. We believe that we will not maliciously attack each stationmaster. What we should learn is the way others promote it. It can be said that it is a very different way. It has to be admired by the author. Nowadays, no matter on the Internet or in the real society, as long as your promotion way is new enough, it will absolutely arouse people's curiosity. Seize the right time and you will succeed.

Today, I opened my optimized website traffic statistics as soon as I went to work. The data on the screen made me feel very puzzled. How could there be more      in the keyword traffic statistics for no reason? I'm curious to see which search engine came from. It's Baidu. At this time, I'm already in a depressed state. My website seems to have nothing to do with the word        ? So I checked what this "       ", and the result was that I suddenly realized!