Mobile Drop-down

Mobile Drop-down

Want Chinese people see your long tail keywords in their mobile baidu search box when they search targeted related keywrods?

Mobile Search Suggestion Drop-down List

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Advantages of Brushing Baidu Mobile Dropdown Box:

1) According to the latest statistics, there are more than 400 million mobile netizen in China and more than 100 million users using Baidu Mobile Search products.

2) These mobile netizen are high-consuming people with avant-garde views and the courage to overdraw in the future.

3) Your company name, website name, brand name, service name, and so on, wander among these high-consumption groups every day, naturally there will be a higher conversion rate.

4) Massive Internet content, the use of people increasingly rely on search engines. Baidu,is the first engine of Chinese search, not only occupies more than 70% of the market share in PC, but also has absolute dominance in mobile products such as smartphones and tablets.

5) When people see the brand name or service name of your company in the drop-down box of mobile phone, they will think that this is the result of Baidu recommendation, which greatly enhances the credibility of the brand or service, and is conducive to quickly establishing the brand image of the enterprise.

6) Your information appears in the drop-down box of the mobile phone. Even if users do not think it is the result recommended by , they will think it is the result of the common choice of many netizens. Driven by the herd effect, they will choose your brand or service.

7) What is more valuable is that the shocking effect, but only requires very low cost, you only need to pay several hundred yuan a month, can achieve a strong network marketing , Mobile marketing effect.


keyword e.g. Hong Kong Flights,Bali tourism,Portuguese property,Wedding travel,Red wine agent


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