Quick ranking

Quick ranking

rank top 50 keywords quickly to the top 10 of baidu or 360 search engine or shenma search engine or sogou search engine.

How to query keyword index: log in Baidu Index to query https://index.baidu.com/| keyword ranking query: https://tools.aizhan.com

For top 20 keywords, it generally takes about 7 days to rank top 10 of China search enginee.  From 20 to 100 ranking, it takes about 15 days to 30 days to rank top 10 or China search engine.

Refund Note: after 30 days, if no good result, you can apply for a refund. If some keywords are not rank top 10 in baidu, they can be refunded accordingly. The minimum time to rank top 10 is 1 month.


If the assignment is not completed within the stipulated time, no fee will be charged. Please consult customer service [email protected] to get a quotation.

Prerequisites for keyword ranking under this Quick ranking package as followed,

Key words in Baidu ranked within the top 100 already. 

Purchase process

1. Submitting Web Sites and Key Words to Customer Service

2. Domatters provide Quotation

3. Pay inadvance T/T

4. We rank your keywords in top 10 of baidu/360.

Optimization duration

Keywords in Baidu's top 20: optimization cycle is about one to two weeks into Baidu's to 10.

Keywords in Baidu 20-100: optimization cycle about 7-30 days into the Baidu top 10.

Because of the uncertainty of optimization, the optimization time is only for reference.

Advantages of working with us:

(1) Reasonable quotation: through careful and clear analysis of the hot degree of keywords, optimization difficulty and competitiveness, to formulate a comprehensive fast ranking price;

(2) Intentional service: Provide optimization guidance to the website, improve the website user experience and ultimately achieve the desired conversion rate and increase user stickiness (user return rate);

(3) Effectiveness assurance: technicians monitor rankings 24 hours, once they encounter fluctuations, they will immediately start emergency protection programs, and make every effort to ensure the stability of your website rankings;

(4) Service attitude: Treat you like family members, take care of you, treat you with your heart, and solve all kinds of optimization problems in time and efficiently.


How did you do that?

We are mainly through our hands of a large number of high-quality external chain resources, we can improve the quality of your website in a short time, so that your ranking can be upgraded to the Top10. 

Will you make my website broken (or blocked)?

In addition, we do not need the background of your website and any password, so there is no bad impact on your website. In addition, we do not allow online payment, so you do not have any risk.

Can I get a refund?

You can get a full refund if you haven't been on the top10 for 7 consecutive days. 

Can 100% optimization be guaranteed?

Optimizing is impossible to be 100%, optimization is organic, our success rate here is about 70, 80%, if the cycle does not help customers do up, we can unconditionally change words for customers or can deduct the maintenance fee of keywords already on the front page!

Why is ranking backward after optimizing for a few days?

Keyword optimization ranking needs a process of perseverance, hope to maintain a certain degree of patience, ranking is also lagging, ranking fluctuation during optimization is normal, after all, natural ranking will have a natural floating ranking, encounter such a situation, please do not worry, our technology will have plans and arrangements, hope to understand!

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