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Traffic Boost

Purchasing thousands of Chinese traffic for your Chinese site. Ranking in baidu by purchasing traffic

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Online effect: Deep access works well. We will go to the home page and then return to columns and content pages.

Warm tips for IP traffic effect:

For webmaster: You can brush advertising alliance many advertising alliances can get money, but can not ensure that 100% of the money to see your life. Rapidly increase the IP traffic of the website, so as to quickly improve Alexa and search engine ranking, improve search engine retrieval and inclusion frequency and speed, enhance PR value, and then promote website advertising sales, especially for Ali's bag length billed by IP and traffic type of advertising. For online store shopkeepers: rapidly increase the flow of online stores, so as to improve the popularity and attention of online stores and their babies, increase user access and stickiness, enhance the probability of independent registration of buyers, thereby promoting the sale of babies, especially for Taobao, patting, eBay and other shop owners.For bloggers: Quickly increase the browsing volume of blogs, QQ or Baidu space, albums, mini-nests and other personal user homepages or spaces. Henceforth, there will be no need to pull people all over the world to help you step on the space or blog, enhance your personal image and also have the opportunity to create profits for yourself. Save money, save Baidu, Google's high price ranking fees, save time to post advertisements everywhere, save time to study SEO Optimization Website waste, try our click traffic, pop window traffic bar. Chinese traffic farm. 

1 The concept of IP:

When someone actually browses your website, IP is generated, collectively referred to as the amount of visits. Each computer corresponds to only one IP address, so it can be understood as an IP is a person, reflected in statistics is the number of independent IP.

2 The concept of PV:

That is to say, Page View (PV), visitors are recorded every time they open a website page. If a page is visited many times, the amount of views accumulates many times. The larger the number of visitors, the higher the popularity of the website and the more popular it is.

Above all, we collectively call traffic, that is, we provide traffic services.

Question 3: How does the flow come from?

Answer: Depending on our powerful plug-in resources, users can visit your website.
Question 4: Can the number of IP be guaranteed to meet the standard?

Answer: The number of IP is fully guaranteed to reach the minimum value of the package purchased, and the number of PV can reach about three times the number of IP! (Note: If you have only one page on your website, you can not generate in-depth clicks, so the number of PVs may not meet this standard, which is a normal phenomenon.) If a small number of cases occur, please check: 1, the speed of website access is too slow; 2, there are bullet windows in the web page (bullet windows will seriously reduce the statistical traffic, by default we allow bullet windows)。

Question 5: What are the differences between these package meals?

Answer: Ordinary package: contains a little random click function; the way is to enter directly or bookmark, the actual amount of arrival is about the maximum value in the range, whichever is the third party's IP statistics, e.g. CNZZ, baidu analytics

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