Sogou input method also load small program platform

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Recently, with baidu, tencent, 360 and other Internet giants in China have entered the field of small procedures, sogou input method also aimed at small procedures, and officially launched small procedures platform of the sogou input method.The main application scenario is "input method + small program".







Sogou input method small program and other small program is another way. Its main use scene is "input method + small program" which is very different from other small programs.In addition, the current sogou input method access is basically a small program of some tools class services, other temporarily not involved.The positioning is basically same with its main business sogou input method tool and the direction is very vertical!


And it is different from the current WeChat, alipay and other small program platform.Sogou input method is to occupy the input box in the form of half screen, only corresponding to a special type of small program or small game.After the user clicks again, it will be shown in 3/4 or full screen as a small program platform with input method taste.


In addition, it is worth noting that some industry insiders said that different from alipay, baidu, toutiao and other small programs are based on their own applications, belong to their own application products.Sogou input method small program or need to rely on other applications, belongs to the application of products.


Therefore, when users use sogou input method in the small program corresponding to WeChat, alipay and baidu, they can realize the opening of sogou input method small program.But doing so is a bit of a "blocking" suspicion, the same as playing tricks on other platforms.Play this way, other companies will not agree to sogou input method small program to do these!






Therefore, through sogou on the line of small program business, domatters believes that with baidu, Alibaba, 360, etc. are involved in small program business, now almost these traffic giants are beginning to layout their own small program business.And sogou at present the best is the input method.Therefore, the input method into the small program market can also let people understand.In the future, whether it is search or other use scenarios, small program should be the mainstream!


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