Sogou PC stands up significantly and the cake of Baidu search became less in 2020

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According to the release of Chinese PC search engine market share list in 2019, Baidu ranked first, Sogou ranked second, and the market share of Sogou search increased significantly. Sogou's momentum is fierce.





By the end of 2019, from the perspective of PC desktop search engine market share, the market leader is still Baidu, which is still leading with 42%. Surprisingly, Sogou search had significantly increased its market share, which is closely followed Baidu by 41% , and whose chasing momentum is fierce.


In particular, it is worth noting that we surpassed Baidu four times in October and November 2019 and January and February 2020. As the second largest player in the domestic search engine market, Sogou‘s search business-related revenue reached 1.88 billion yuan in 2019, an increase of 9% year-on-year. This is very stable compared to other search engines.


Following Baidu ‘s step into the b2b industry and the launch of the B2B promotion platform ‘Love Procurement’, Sogou also launched the b2b promotion platform ‘Sougou Merchants’ to harvest b2b industry traffic. Like Baidu's "Love Procurement", "Sougou Merchants" should also use Sogou search as a traffic portal to create its own B2B enterprise promotion channel to help companies promote their business. The website currently involves catering, clothing, environmental protection, beauty, home furnishing and education Several areas. (Domatters don't know if it will be connected to WeChat later)




With Baidu, Sogou and other search companies, they started to build b2b promotion channels and run their own b2b business. For investors and webmasters in the b2b industry, b2b traffic is gradually shrinking. In the future, it will be more and more difficult for websites in the b2b industry to use optimization to obtain traffic from search engines such as Baidu and Sogou. Investors and webmasters who are interested in Sogou's investment promotion can learn about this in advance.


Although Sogou shares the same position with Baidu on the PC side because of Tencent's support, it should be the same on the mobile side. Most of Tencent's products have built-in Sogou search, which is not counted. It seems that Baidu First is not the norm now. Sogou's search is fierce, and it has the meaning of catching up with Baidu. With the headline search of Byte dance company, Huawei search, WeChat search a search and so on all entered the test, the search market has become more and more exciting.



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