What are the crisis, opportunity and hesitation in Chinese Marketing in the first half of 2019?

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2019 is a year of relatively complex situations. For Chinese marketing industry, due to the poor performance of the overall macro data, the overall performance is relatively low and the confidence is insufficient.Domatters China digital marketing believes that crisis and opportunity coexist in Chinese marketing industry, but more may be a kind of hesitation.


The crisis lies in the strict control of marketing environment by WeChat and other platforms.Looking back, you can see that "hot style" cases were relatively rare in the first half of this year.Is the refresh era over?


The opportunity lies in that all kinds of new marketing forms are actively explored by platforms and brands.Moreover, according to historical experience, increasing marketing investment in the context of economic downturn can make brands more competitive in the later stage.So the real test of brand courage and wisdom of the time come now.


And the hesitation is the brand is facing more marketing uncertainty.We don't say the brand face shuffle, but at least stepped on a crossroads which way to go can only rely on the brand itself to judge and choose.


Domatters China digital marketing summed up the marketing industry observation in the first half of this year into three keywords: three crises, three opportunities, four uncertainties.


Three crisis


  • Content of the risk


Content risk is self-evident.In addition to this year's international situation, the economic situation is more complex, the content audit scale is more tightening,and the brand side in the marketing content creation needs to be extremely careful, so as not to attract public relations crisis.


At the end of February, imon voluntarily cancelled the account and disbanded the team, which was triggered by a controversy over an article titled "the death of a poor family champion" by its account limited talent youth.In addition, many "we media" accounts in the financial and economic fields were also banned in the first half of this year, and curiosity daily was once again stopped updating.



In a word, the content risk is increasing rapidly, and the brand side needs to have more control over the content and establish the audit process.This also means that brand marketing leverage needs to be carefully analyzed risk.At the same time, the public relations battles between brands have become more bitter, and public opinion has become less controllable.


  • Fission block


In mid-may, WeChat officially issued a text reiterating the ban on fission marketing.In the middle of June, WeChat issued a notice to crack down on marketing plug-ins, and the whole online education industry was in mourning.Many people will also find it easier to block accounts using WeChat automation tools.


The first two years were a time of fission marketing.But there are signs this year that the marketing dividends of social fission are over.It is very difficult for new players to achieve rapid growth through fission, which drives brands to find other ways to grow.



Of course, the fission methodology is still used by many brands.Many WeChat-based marketing SAAS systems have fission marketing functions, which are technically induced forwarding.For brands, if they want to continue using fission growth methods in WeChat ecology, they may need to pay attention to the related risks of being complained and reported.


  • Routine desensitization


For WeChat Moments marketing, it has been too long no new form of play, and users are slowly tired of the old marketing techniques.For douyin short video, short video routine also appeared some aesthetic fatigue.


In a word, Domatters China digital marketing believes that users have been fully educated by a large number of refresh cases and have aesthetic fatigue on the current marketing formula.The refresh class cases that impressed us in the first half of this year were "what is Peppa Pig" at the beginning of the year, and "Feeding manual" by netease dada recently.Of course, there are sharing dad, jingdong electric advertising and other projects, but it is difficult to say it is refresh.Clearly, the user threshold for marketing cases is already very high.




Three opportunities


  • The private domain flow



WeChat to friend circle fission and marketing blow brought the rise of private domain traffic.Private domain traffic is similar to the concept of a traffic pool.Private domain traffic in practice more focus on community, personal number, similar to wechat business in operational skills, but many people are not willing to admit this.


The construction method of private domain traffic is not the same as the traditional brand placement. The operation needs to rely on the investment of human resources, but also needs more refined operation.This is something traditional brand marketing departments are not very good at.It is difficult to find the private domain traffic on the market to play a good brand, but the opportunity is also in this.We also believe that the largest opportunity for private domain traffic, in the operation of brand community.


Whether it is a start-up company or a mature brand, who can build and realize the channel of private traffic through, who can go against the trend of the red sea era for growth.The imagination of private traffic is that the brand can even become a channel in the future, so the revenue will be more diversified.


  • WeChat awakening


WeChat is no longer restrained.In the first half of the year WeChat actively external voice and adjust the frequency of products significantly higher.Take a look, good things have been launched means that WeChat ecological rules may be loose and change.Every platform adjustment means opportunities and dividends.


To take a look and good things for the circle,they are equivalent to the content of the Moments, the flow of goods to separate out, to form a new Moments.At present, take a look has become mature, and good things are still in a primary stage.With the imagination of social e-commerce, the circle of good things will certainly spawn a wave of web celebrity brand, and now the relevant gameplay is still groping in the middle.




  • Live video streaming by web celebrity


The realisation ability of live streaming has long been verified by Momo, kuaishou and other platforms.Taobao is also vigorously promoting live with goods.WeChat official account also open live test invitation.According to the current report data, live broadcast can effectively improve the ratio of product transformation and stimulate the product consumption of users.


In the first half of this year, li jiaqi became the king of cosmetics.In fact, li jiaqi used to participate in the live broadcast as a counter employee of l 'oreal, which can be seen as a live broadcast web celebrity hatched by l 'oreal.This fully demonstrates that the brand side can occupy the dominant right in the live broadcast, rather than passively launch.



With the popularity of WeChat live broadcast and taobao live broadcast, the consumption power of users will be released in a large area, which is also an area that the brand side needs to focus on and try in the following time.


Four Hesitation


  • Social entrepreneurship



Although entrepreneurship and marketing are not strongly related, social networking is the jewel of Internet products.The change of social product pattern involves the change of marketing platform, which has a great influence.From last year's sound, to more flash, chat treasure, toilet "three musketeers", to the byte beat fly chat, and then to zhang chaoyang's fox friends, more and more people began to challenge WeChat.Entrepreneurs point at zhang xiaolong one after another.Zhang xiaolong once joked that "100 million people teach me how to make products every day".


The rise of social entrepreneurship does suggest that the solid social product landscape may be loosening.WeChat has now become a time black hole, let users come to can't go, this is also let users love and hate.


However, according to Domatters China digital marketing, the change of social pattern is likely only in the process of platform change, and only tencent can build the next WeChat.But no matter what, social battles never end.



According to online data, the dividends of short video have peaked.Douyin video routines let many users aesthetic fatigue.It's not easy to see where the short video will go.



It is unlikely to repeat the overnight success of last year's answer tea on douyin, or the success of the hot style toys that have become popular online, such as last year's supreme banknote pistol and peppa pig watch.The maturity of the platform makes the explosive communication dividend fade.However, douyin is still an important platform and there are still many opportunities to break the circle.


According to the feedback from various parties, the paid-for release on douyin has a relatively general transformation effect, and the ROI is not necessarily calculated. Many brands will carefully consider the investment.In addition, more people have paid attention to the marketing value of kuaishou. The decentralization and social stickiness of fast short videos enable the platform KOL to gain more trust and endorsement. The realization efficiency is higher through live broadcasting and other means, and the marketing value is also greater.


  • Content of contradictions


Content is magnified by the failure of routines, but content is often of long-term value and the human cost is not low.Many brands know the importance of content, but they are very hesitant to invest in it.Especially for some traditional brands, the company may not even have an operation department, and it is difficult to build a new media content team.


Many brands are too optimistic about the short-term effects of content, hoping to quickly copy a refresh graphic.In fact, for most brands, the flow of content is accumulated.So don't be too optimistic in the short term, and don't be too pessimistic in the long term.


For WeChat, the value of deep content is recognized by almost everyone.For new platforms such as douyin, content is almost the only way to achieve refresh distribution.But creating content isn't as easy as it seems, and the brand's obsession with content will continue.


  • trend products which is cross-boundary cooperated


Limited products and IP crossover is still an effective way to leverage social topics.In the first half of the year, cat paw cups of starbucks in late February and kaws uniqlo t-shirts in early June all caused a rush.RIO, white rabbit, want want and other co-branded products have also achieved good market response.


But for IP crossover, limited edition single product and other marketing methods, there has been a certain aesthetic fatigue, to achieve the height of last year's "National popular brands" is not easy.What's more, these marketing methods only apply to brands with strong brand equity, and new brands are hard to apply.


Take white rabbit lip balm for example, this crossover product is a joint product of white rabbit and megasone.However, the volume of the big white rabbit in the market is obviously higher than that of meijiabang, which is attributed to the long history of the brand.Therefore, crossover play may only be a few big brand games.



There are many other, such as the brand began to like to tear each other, a long article seems to warm up, patriotic marketing may be targeted by many brands...But in the complex environment, changing situation today, we might as well be patient to see the second half of the brand marketing performance.


Due to the impact of the macro environment, the advertising market has significantly shrunk in the first half of this year.No matter from third-party research reports, baidu and other advertising giants' financial statements, or according to the personal feedback of practitioners around, advertisers' budgets are generally worse than before, and everyone is ready to tighten their belts.


Hope this article is helpful to your brand promotion in China.Please feel free to contact domatters if you need any help with seo in your business in China.


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