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Recently, the video number of WeChat is very hot. In fact, this is normal, after all, WeChat has a nearly full user base. This is destined that each of its actions will cause the industry to think.


Domatters will discuss the following issues in this article, hoping to promote all your business.


1) Why did WeChat launch a video number?

2) Is it against the standard vibrato or B station?

3) Where is its value to users?



Why did WeChat make a video number project?


The video number is a short content creation platform launched by WeChat. It can send 60s videos and 9 pictures. The entrance is on the WeChat discovery page. It is currently in grayscale testing. There are two types of grayscale tests: grayscale for published content and grayscale for video number entry.





  • Enrich WeChat content ecology


From the perspective of WeChat, short content and video numbers are an important part of enriching and improving the content ecology of WeChat. The WeChat official account has always had a pain point,  that is, the lack of associated reading and long tail reading.Recently, WeChat officials have taken two major actions: First, the video number sharing video can be associated with the public account article; Secondly, there will be related article recommendations at the end of the public account article. When you click more articles, you can enter the list of recommended articles.


A self-media person tried to use the video number to stream the public article, and then set the public article to pay, which resulted in 3000+ paying people and over 10,000 paid income. It can be seen that the video number is an excellent free channel for obtaining customers for some creators who have no mass but focus on content.


  •  Create a new ecology that records life


From a higher perspective, the video number is to create a new ecology that records real life. Everyone knows that the WeChat team and even Tencent have never stopped observing short video products. In recent years, they have launched various products on the short video track, but they have been "hanged" by competitors,such as Douyin and Kuaishou and so on.


Such as Weishi. Various top-stream support (such as the addition of a drainage entrance in WeChat Moments) has allowed it to achieve 50 million daily lives.However,Douyin has reached 300 million, and it has reached 400 million in early 2020.  Another example is the instant video that was launched on WeChat Moments in 2019. I do n’t know how many people are watching it. Anyway, I have n’t watched it anymore. There are also yoo videos and the next meal videos that have long been removed.




However, Tencent never gave up video. In the WeChat open class in 2020, Zhang Xiaolong said that WeChat would launch short content. Because short content is what everyone can create, and expression is everyone's natural need.



"The original idea of the public account platform was to replace SMS as a mass-distribution tool based on connecting brands and subscribers, and to effectively avoid spam. But we accidentally turned it into an article as a carrier of content, making other short content The form of is not presented, which makes us have a certain lack of short content.


We value content that everyone can create. The reason why the circle of friends sends photos and videos by default is because I had a cognition at that time. For a billion people, it ’s not easy for everyone to write. However, sending photos can be done by everyone.


Relative to the official account, we lack a carrier that everyone can create. Because everyone cannot be required to write articles every day. "  



                                                                                                ——From the speaking WeChat Open Class in 2020 of Zhang Xiaolong




What is short content? The 140-word in Weibo is short content. So is an instagram photo, a small Douyin video, and a WeChat Moments.


Domatters understands that The short content that Zhang Xiaolong said does not only refer to short videos, but more “to create lightweight content with less time and lower cost”. The video number will not be the ultimate form of short content.


What value does it have to the user?


There must be value. At least for those with creative needs, it is undoubtedly a good thing. However, as of now, it is mainly a group of "creators" binging, and we have not seen any value to ordinary users for the time being.





  • Difficulty 1: user habits are not formed


Watching a video is different from reading a text. There is a threshold for watching video. For example, users can open WeChat reply messages, swipe friends circle, and browse articles at any time, but they cannot watch videos at any time.


From the perspective of users' habits, the psychological expectation of opening WeChat is "anytime".However, in certain scenarios, the user's behavior of watching the video number is blocked. For example, you can reply to a WeChat during a meeting but cannot play a video. In contrast, douyin and kuaishou show the uniqueness of the scene.The user can only open it when watching the video, and no behavior is blocked.


Difficult 2: What needs can be met is unknown


When you have a lot of time and want to watch some videos, do you choose to brush douyin, brush B station, or other video products?


Presumably, you will choose the appropriate and familiar platform according to your current demands. For example, Douyin is to kill time and meet entertainment needs. Station B may look at content such as popular science. What can your Wechat video number meet your needs? It is still unknown.


Difficult 3: The degree to which the demand is met is unknown


From the user's perspective, can you see what you want to see on the video number? Can socially recommended content meet your needs? These are unknown. The only clear thing is that you have another channel to watch the video.


So what will you see in the video number? You will see what your friends like to watch. For example, several classmates have upgraded to become mothers, and they are crazy about baby in the video number. They like each other and your video number becomes a "transfer station."


Based on social recommendation, it is so ruthless. It takes friend's preference as a key element for recommending you, but your friend's preference does not necessarily represent your preference.


The difference between WeChat video number and Douyin





Many people think that the video number is to "battle" Douyin, fast hands, and grab their market and users.


Domatters think they are two different types of products. Because Douyin and Kuaishou dominated the short video field, everyone naturally "forcibly" linked them together for comparison.. In fact, WeChat may not mean to fight with Douyin and Kuaishou.


Douyin and Kuaishou are typical products on the short video ecological chain, but the WeChat video number is not necessarily. Domatters are more inclined to believe that WeChat's "drunner's intention is not wine", which seems to be seizing the short video market. In fact, it is a supplement to WeChat's ecology. It only evolves in WeChat's own product philosophy.


 Secondly, Douyin and video numbers are very different in terms of product tonality, product design, recommendation mechanism, product ecology, etc.For example,In terms of product positioning, Douyin's slogan is to record a good life. Literally, Douyin wants users to share the "beautiful fragments" of life. Douyin is more inclined to the video creation platform + video consumption platform. It uses video and creative forms to shoot content, and the positioning emphasizes "creating with video". The slogan of the WeChat video number is to record real life. The video number is more inclined to "life precipitation", using pictures or videos to record your life.


If you want to learn more about the difference between WeChat video number and Douyin ,Please contact us.



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