Us sanctions! Can huawei win the war of 5G?

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What is the current situation of huawei?What are the challenges?Can China win the war of 5G in the future?






Huawei has been enjoying super-fast growth in recent years.In 2018, its revenue exceeded $100 billion.It is also the first Chinese technology company to have revenues of more than $100 billion.A hundred billion dollars is more than alibaba and tencent combined.There used to be a concept in Chinese tech circles called BAT.BAT is baidu, ali and tencent which is the big three represent technology industry in China.But frankly speaking, baidu has not been able to start from a few years ago.Previous articles have analyzed the reasons.So some time ago wang xing, CEO of Meituan, also made a comment that it is time to change the BAT to HAT. Of course, this H refers to huawei.Domatters believes that many Chinese would like huawei to represent the Chinese technology industry.


The second characteristic of huawei is that its r&d investment is very, very high.It now has an annual r&d budget of more than $15 billion.The level of r&d investment is also very high in the world.You can also see the number of patents filed by huawei is very high.In addition, compared with engineers in other countries, especially in the past few years, Chinese people's wage level is relatively backward, and Chinese people are more industrious.In fact, huawei's r&d expenditure of us $15 billion can cover the r&d expenditure of us $50 billion abroad.


A third feature of huawei is that it is not listed.It's not controlled by capital.But it is also an employee-owned company.Ren zhengfei, the founder of huawei, doesn't actually have much of a stake, just over 1%.In terms of money of people alone, he has never been among the top 100 richest people.


The fourth characteristic of huawei is its excellent management.Huawei has a very famous internal management program called huawei basic law.This is also very famous in the whole business management circle in China.And huawei has a very strong sense of crisis.Back in 2001, when huawei was still going well, Mr. Ren wrote an article called "huawei's winter."This article makes a lot of assumptions about the limits of huawei's survival, saying huawei is not optimistic.Huawei hayes was founded in 2004, which shows that huawei has been preparing for a rainy day for many years.


How is huawei doing?   Huawei has been getting all sorts of tough calls from western countries, which is not something that has happened in the last year or two.That adds up to about a decade.First Britain, then Australia, then the United States.These countries have launched round after round of investigations into huawei.They always suspect huawei is controlled by the Chinese government and they suspect huawei is up to something.Yet all these surveys point to the same very clear conclusion.The conclusion is that there is no evidence.In fact, American enterprises are also controlled by the U.S. government.Otherwise, after the recent order of the us government, many American enterprises that wanted to cooperate with huawei have stopped doing so.They also suspect that huawei has the military background.Ren zhengfei is known to have served in the army.But he had no rank in the army and was a late addition to the communist party.In China, it's very, very normal for the army to change careers and start a business. It's not a big deal.American companies, from apple and Google to Microsoft and amazon, have cooperated with the us government and military.Because the military also buys technology.So even working with the military is a problem for tech companies.


The United States is unhappy with Chinese companies, and that must be a cosmetic reason.There must be a deeper reason behind this.According to Domatters Digital China Marketing, there are roughly three reasons:


The first reason is that 5G is a must-have place. A new giant come with each new generation of mobile communications technology comes .At 1G, MOTOROLA came out.At 2G it was Ericsson and nokia.In 3G, it was qualcomm and apple.Qualcomm's position was maintained during 4G, but huawei has risen.In other words, each new generation of network communication technology will produce new giants.This is also a very critical thing for a country.And 5G is likely to have a far more far-reaching impact than previous 3G and 4G technologies.That's because 5G will be followed by artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and possibly autonomous driving.It could unlock the next industrial revolution.So it's a particularly important thing.So the 5G battlefield is a high ground that cannot be lost.






The second reason is that the us should be less receptive to China's rise and power.Because the United States is the only superpower in the world, and it has been in the first place for many years.China certainly wants the world to produce a multipolar pattern of pluralism.But with China's rapid development, the United States is also worried about China becoming the second superpower, or even beyond its status, which the United States does not want to see.


The third reason is precisely because huawei is so secure as many people have speculated on the Internet.With so many countries staring at huawei, huawei showed the source code to everyone, but still no evidence was found.That is to say,huawei is the safest company in the world, even though it is under the strictest supervision.But the U.S. government it's actually the intelligence community that has these prism programs and so on.It's been reported that they monitor Internet data and user data and so on.So the U.S. government has actually put pressure on yahoo, apple and many other companies to give their users' data to the government.The problem is that huawei's products are so safe that if everyone uses huawei, it might not be convenient for the U.S. government to do something.This is a reasonable guess.Against the backdrop of the trade war between the United States and China, the U.S. government added huawei to its list of entities.The entity list is that it prohibits you from doing any business with any American company.The reason the U.S. is doing this unashamedly is because its tech industry is so powerful.No company has ever been able to break away from the American ecosystem.


What is the attitude of companies under the us ban?A number of technology companies have cut ties with huawei under American control.For example,Intel and qualcomm have cut deals with huawei.Huawei's laptops are also being pulled from Microsoft's shelves.Vodafone and others in Britain have also suspended pre-sales of huawei's 5G handsets.Even Google won't be able to support huawei devices in the android ecosystem for three months.The Japanese including softbank's ARM also stopped working with huawei.All three Japanese carriers have suspended sales of huawei's P30.Toshiba of Japan also suspended shipments and so on.We can't blame these tech companies.Because they are bound to obey the law, they are all victims of American politics.Some companies are still cooperating with huawei.That includes TSMC, which also has a plant in nanjing.It has some hope, though its processes will be a bit behind the times.Of course, we don't know how much pressure these companies have withstood to work with huawei, and we don't know how much longer they can work with huawei.




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