Vivo store

We help digitalization and shopping guide management

Back story: As a mobile phone brand focused on the smartphone field, Vivo focuses on creating intelligent products with outstanding appearance, professional quality, extreme image and pleasant experience with the pursuit of fun, energetic and young fashion.  Vivo is a new generation of young people’s favorite, become their pferred intelligent machine.
With the changing market and the new retail boom, Vivo is looking for a more efficient digital business, a series of digital transformation measures for the offline store management, online continuous interaction and other ways to create a new user experience for consumers.

Our Solutions & Effectiveness

1.We help build a new way of continuous interaction between shoppers and customers. And we solve the shopping guide and customer interaction management with the Internet technology. The use of "Shopping guide sweep code + user scan Code", the offline user drainage for online members. We achieved a shopping guide and customer one-on-one continuous interaction, response to timely demand rely on Wechat. So that customers online under the selection, order, payment, logistics, after-sale, evaluation, sharing and other trading links more convenient, experience a stronger sense. At the same time, it will not be in the brand line of sight of shoppers and users into the line of sight.

2.We pcipitate the pservation of the scene of interactive data,in-depth excavation of customer needs and provide users with personalized services through the store digital operation and the brand and shopping guide and consumers throughout the contact. We extend product lines, and efficiently expand the new category of customers like to meet the higher level of customer experience and help the brand quickly insight into market trends.Now store management more sophisticated which will guide and users into the brand line of sight.