Sell WeChat community, 0 budget to get 1000+ precision users!

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Of course, drainage is a major concern for every new wechat community.Many communities are stuck in the very beginning, which leads to the failure of the community atmosphere to build up, and the end is bleak.



Domatters is here to introduce you to the zero budget drain for our clients who do fat-free meals on an active basis today.Of course, zero budget doesn't equal zero cost. We still pay for some products, but the cost is quite low.


Specifically, they mainly sell fat-reducing meals through offline physical stores recently, but after a period of operation, the profitability of the store is very worrying, so they sought help from Domatters.


Domatters analyzed the whole project in detail and summarized the following problems:


(1) offline physical store model is too heavy, online only through the form of takeout customers.

(2)Trapped in the rent pressure, the price of the product is high which can not play the same competitive products.

(3) Take-out sales is difficult to precipitate their own user pool which is difficult to collect user opinions.

(4) Take-out sales lead to that user continuity is not strong, fat reduction effect is poor and the product reputation is not ring.


To sum up, we decided to use what we do best: community operations to help them make money.


1. Improve the product to make it more suitable for online sales


First of all, we improved the fat-reducing products for the "weak sustainability", and creatively sold them as "10-day meals" and "21-day meals".And the publicity copy emphasizes the help of "10-day meal" and "21-day meal" for weight loss and fat reduction, so as to promote more purchases.


At the same time, such a way is also to let the user can insist on eating, really achieve the effect of weight loss, with the help of the user's word of mouth to further spread the product.


So the question is, how do we find our first online customers when this product is ready?


2. Recruit and select seed fans online


In terms of drainage, after discussion, we decided to launch a 15-day "online fat loss experience camp".Add a lot of product introduction on the poster, and emphasize that "you can get XX yuan of fat-reducing products just by becoming an experience officer". There are 5 experience officers.


Chinese friends are naturally enthusiastic about free things.We quickly gained more than 50 users without extensive promotion.We will pull these 50 users into the wechat group, and choose three of the most potential precision users to become the experience officer.


We pulled all 50 people into the WeChat group and selected 3 potential precision users to become experience officers.


In order to ensure the further exposure of the activity, we decided to solicit votes for the other two places through the function of "like". In this way, we made full use of the relationship chain of the participants' circle of friends, so that the activity and the product could be exposed quickly


3. Created typical cases and split into multiple WeChat groups


After the 5 experience officers were selected, we started the operation of WeChat group in the 50+ group we created before, and announced the rules: the 5 experience officers need to report the weight in the group in the morning and clock in 3 meals every day, and share the results to the circle of friends.The other 50 users within the group need to supervise them to clock in.


During the 15-day period, five participants continuously exposed themselves to the progress and effect of fat loss within the group.More than 50 supervisors are also very accurate users themselves. During the 15 days, after witnessing the fat reduction effect of 5 experiencer, they are all ready to move.


See the time is ripe, lurking in the WeChat group of their own people began to hecklers demand group manager launched special packages, in their agitation, more and more group members began to request the launch of special packages.


At this time, we timely sent out a limited-time coupon and set it as exclusive within the group. After issuing the coupon, we informed the group members that it was a "VIP special coupon within the group", which not only enhanced their sense of belonging, but also promoted them to complete the purchase as soon as possible.


Through this 15-day activity, we successfully created several typical cases of fat loss.And we also let more than 50 seed users trust greatly enhanced and take the initiative to promote the product.


With this batch of seed users, the subsequent operation of a lot of natural smooth.We continue to collect their fat loss as a case study, and use the live code + robot function of Domatters to conduct fission continuously. After 3 months, the 50+ seed community will expand to 30+ groups, with a total of 1000+ users.


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