What are the secret of operation methods of self-media Superman?

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Recently, we visited several top leaders in China's self-media industry.They started with millions of fans, or they raised teams of more than 10 people, or they were the heads of media operations for very well-known Internet companies.What is the pattern of self media industry now?What are the methods and routines?How do they operate and make money?Today Domatters would like to share with you the experience and experience of "we-media".




First of all, Domatters Digital Chinese Marketing thinks there are two ways of playing "self media".


One is the flow type.


This includes but not limited to social marketing Numbers such as social news and chicken soup for the soul.They are characterized by volume, but the quality of their articles or video quality is very general.These traffic leaders are generally using matrix play.They're going to have a lot of signs forming a matrix, and there's going to be a lot of flow.A lot of "self media" that do well are generally based on the early flow dividends of these platforms, such as WeChat and douyin.They had a very low cost of getting users in the early days, but now it's very expensive to get users.




For example, if WeChat official account buys a user in a wide point, it costs about 5 yuan or 6 yuan.If it is weibo which is Chinese version of Twitter, Microblog cold start system, now many people like lottery activities.However, you need to put on record before entering the lottery, and the cost of entering the lottery is quite high. To get a new user, the cost is about 3 yuan to 7 yuan.Do a flow number, you want to break even in half a year, and then have a million fans, at this time you can basically receive advertising.An AD can make $50,000 to $80,000.That sounds ok, but it's expensive to maintain.Traffic bigwigs are also anxious because the fans they buy are not as sticky.After all, fans do not identify with you this IP or you this person, but you bought through lottery.They don't have a lot of loyalty to you and they don't spend a lot of money with you.Even if you write something, its open rate is very low.So if you have a million followers, and you write an article, and you find that very few people are reading it, you're not going to get the AD.Every time you write an article, you have to review it and read it. This maintenance cost is very high.Some of them even have maintenance costs of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan per day.In addition, these Numbers can only receive some brand advertising.But some brands will find that even though you are a million fans, at the beginning, they also know that 90% of your estimated data is false, but they think that 10% of your data is true. However, after advertising, they find that the sales volume and reputation of the whole product have not changed at all.It turns out that this quantity is not 90% false, but more than 99% false.Brand owners won't be looking for it to sale.So These Numbers can only take ads.If a number is really selling something, it's actually ok.This means that it still has real fans who still have the spending power and can recognize it.


The other way is play IP .


In other words,to build an IP.That has a lot, but it's not always true.There are also false quantities.Because building an IP is about maintaining an image.And even if you are an IP, you can't guarantee that every article you write will be popular.Sure you will have some articles or video that are not popular, so you will need to buy some to maintain.Of course, the IP is much more real, and the cost of maintaining of IP is much lower than the traffic.IP is harder to do.You have to have a professional person up front doing the output.Because it's harder to do, but it's also more valuable.For example, with the same number of followers, it can earn about two or three times the advertising value of the traffic model.And its fans have real buying power.These Numbers can be used to sell things when they are not advertised.It's a real seller.


Do self-media, positioning is very important.Especially when you do IP, you need to figure out what to do and how to cash in the future.Because of different positioning, the final realization of space is very different.For example,beauty makeup is extremely easy to cash in.Hardware metrics are also easy to cash in.But B station which do ghost livestock realization may be more difficult, ghost livestock superman earn really not much.Life stytle is a good positioning.It can works well with different ads like beauty, food and even luxury goods.


As for the way of realization, some of the top leaders of self-media are waiting for advertisers to find him to cooperate with him, and they do not take the initiative to find advertising.Other forms of realization include knowledge payment and IP authorization.There are all sorts of ways to cash in.


We hope it is helpful to you and we also wish you can give us your precious advice to help us to serve you better.Please feel free to contact Domatters.


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