Why does this company of Baidu decline?

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In fact, we had already knowed in 2015 that baidu will decline.   In the future, BAT which is three giants of China will has no B but AT.


Some people say that looking at baidu's financial statements, it still earns money.We say it's not working well now, but it's relative.Because before baidu and Alibaba, Tencent are an order of magnitude company.But now it's an order of magnitude off.Baidu's share price has also fallen sharply.It is now worth more than $30 billion, a tenth of what Alibaba and Tencent are worth.Additionally in whole Internet, whole baidu does not have that kind of killer application.For example, the deletion of all baidu apps on Chinese mobile phones does not affect the use of mobile phones.But you want to delete Alibaba and Tencent , this is not easy and comfortable to delete.


Why-does-this- company-of-Baidu-decline

   Why-does-this- company-of-Baidu-decline



What is the cause of baidu's decline? There are a couple of them as below.


The first most core logic is that the most core value is not searching but browsing.


Search was at the heart of the Internet in the past.But at the heart of the Internet today is browsing.These people today have no clear purpose.We brush douyin, brush the headlines, stroll taobao are all no purpose.It's all in one word 'browse'.Because now through machine algorithms, they have already knowed what you want to do, what you like, what you want to buy.It was sold to you before it was searched.This is a fundamental logic of baidu decline.


The previous era of lack of knowledge is people looking for information, people looking for apps.People were looking for an APP that could help them do something, and information that could help them solve a problem.Or maybe people want to check to see if there are any interesting apps on their new phone.But now this age has come to information seeking, information overload of a age.No one search for anything or apps to play when whether he have something to search or not.


The second reason is the island effect.In the era of mobile Internet, the traditional Internet is more closed than before.Traditional Internet is WWW protocol which is open and is the whole network search.Now the contents of each APP are closed.Every APP is like an island.This is called the island effect.Search engines can't catch the content inside each APP.And competition is especially fierce in China.Taobao blocks baidu from using its content.Because taobao doesn't want baidu to be the gateway to its superiors.WeChat also doesn't let baidu use its content.So all the AT in BAT block out B.Moreover, Baidu cannot find the information in each APP.Why baidu later pushed Baijiahao to push their own content?This is because of the core of the problem as a search engine.This is also because there is no way.Users can not find valuable things, so the product is a very deadly.


The third reason is founder of Baidu.Because any business does not do well is actually the founder of the pot.If you compare baidu with 404, most people are definitely on the 404 side.Now diss baidu seems to have become politically correct.But to be fair, baidu has done some good things and contributed a lot to the Internet.In addition, there are many people, including baidu employees who have worked in baidu before are excellent.Especially after they come out from baidu, they are very outstanding.


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