Did you get shot? 20 kinds of amazing experiences in Beijing

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The place that millions of people want to go -- greater Beijing, China

It has a history of more than 3,000 years.

The capital has a history of more than 800 years.

This is the capital of the People's Republic of China.

It is the heart of China.

What's the experience of living in Beijing? Do you have amazing experiences in Beijing?

Listen to Domatters for a little bit...


Beijingers only talk about the southeast and northwest



If you ask for directions in Beijing

Nobody tells you to go left or right

Just say southeast northwest

This is mainly due to Beijing sijiucheng horizontal vertical road



Beijing has lost autumn and spring



For example, in 2017, Beijing falls on September 23 and winter on October 29.Autumn has only 36 short days

Spring, too, is short.Fall 2018 has 46 days in Beijing.

In Beijing, spring and autumn are the best time to travel.Be kind to them, for they are fleeting.


Not all Beijing dialect is followed by an accent



Can say wide canal gate, cannot say xi zhimen

Can say courtyard child, cannot say hospital child...

The cheapest thing in Beijing is the scenery




Beijing now, prices jilted wages several dynasties.



The only thing cheap is the scenery everywhere, everywhere is the vicissitudes of history.


The scenic spot is full of people all year round


As an international tourist city, Beijing is a tourist season all the year round.The attractions are always bustling.

Especially if it's the holiday season.


There are also villages in Beijing


Don't think the sixth ring is full of tall buildings.Big watermelons in panggezhuang and big peaches in pinggu do not fall from the sky.

There are also ordinary villages in Beijing.


Beijing is not full of hutong courtyards



Tall buildings are everywhere in Beijing, and there are fewer hutongs and quadrangles.

Walking on the edge of houhai, looking at these old buildings left many years ago.Do you feel as if you have passed through the qing dynasty of China?

There are more people in Beijing than in Beijing

In Beijing, the ratio of Beijing nationality to non-beijing nationality is about 6:4.However, some people with Beijing hukou are not Beijing natives.

So there's only a 50% chance that a random person on the street will be a Beijing native


In Beijing, you can eat all kinds of delicious food in China



It is no exaggeration to say that there are more than 30 Beijing offices across the country, specializing in hosting visitors from all over the country.

The cooking is local chefs, authentic dishes, authentic taste of home.Sit ground day line 80,000 miles, again fat ten catties again how?


A love of "weird flavors"?



Not everyone can get used to these foods, such as stinky tofu, soy sauce, luzhu, garlic, cilantro.

But many beijingers love them. What about you?


Beijing people, but the license plate is not Beijing


On the road in Beijing, a number plate, but the driver of a mouth jing film, this kind of thing is very common.

Because in Beijing lottery is quite difficult.Similarly, Beijing drivers are not necessarily beijingers.

14 summer crazy dehumidification, winter crazy humidification

In the summer, it's easy to get damp, and in the winter, the dry walls fall off.So in Beijing, the house must be dehumidified in summer and humidified in winter.


Beijing is also a temple and a city



Beijing, with its Forbidden City where 24 emperors once lived, has its share of anecdotes about princes and generals.

Similarly, there are more hutong city, with folk customs, people, people taste.When the temple and the city blend, is the real taste of Beijing.


The high salary in Beijing is just for fun


The salary of 1W in Beijing is not as comfortable as 5K in second and third-tier cities.In addition to rent, meals, commuting, and the occasional purchase of clothing, treat yourself to a nice meal.It's like a month's work in vain.PS: of course, many people earn less than 10,000 yuan a month


Cross-district love in Beijing = long-distance love



How big is Beijing?It is literally equivalent to 2.5 Shanghai, 8.4 shenzhen, 15 Hong Kong, 21 New York and 27 Seoul.After an hour's ride, you'll be in Germany.One more hour and you'll be in Poland.

In Beijing's chaoyang district, an hour's ride, you're in chaoyang district.Another hour, and you're still in chaoyang.


It's normal not to get married when you are still single at the age of 30.



In fact, 30 years of marriage is common in Beijing.The whole atmosphere of big cities makes people think that getting married and having children is not the first thing in life.

Realize the dream, show one's skill, must not be in the age that can bear hardships most, the choice is easy and comfortable!


In Beijing, youth is all about rent


In Beijing, it's easy to pay tens of thousands of yuan for a two-bedroom apartment in a good location.This price, in some Chinese cities, can rent for a year...


In Beijing, no matter how hard it is, there are still people who insist on...


In this city, or for a living, or for a dream, no matter how hard and tired, many people are still holding on...


What other magical experiences do you have when living or traveling in Beijing?

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