How do the brands rub properly the hot spot in the fragmentation of the era?

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"No hotspots, no marketing" has become a belief of many marketers, especially in the era of social communication. But why the hot spot?What is the ultimate purpose of censoring a hotspot?Some people may not know, so that the final result is likely to be a self-promotion, no effect to reach.So,how can brands maximize the value of hot spots, maximize the empowerment of brands, interpret the brand value, and avoid becoming a self-healing?Domatters Shared this article for you, and you may be inspired.





In the era of fragmentation, media ecology is enriched and attention is constantly diluted.All kinds of information flood into consumers' eyes around the clock.Brand marketing,which is simply connected by such fragmented information,is ultimately difficult to leave consumers with an overall brand impression.As a result, the business logic of "where the user's attention is, and where the marketing position is" is generated. Hotspot marketing has become a sharp tool for the brand to leverage its communication power. There are many explanations and contents about hotspot marketing, but the hotspot marketing talked about in this article refers to a communication method of brand marketing through hotspots.



Return to the source of marketing, aggregate hotspot centripetal force




The first step for many brands doing hotspot marketing is to consider the fit between the hotspot and the brand.


Many brands do hot marketing, the first step is to consider the hot and brand fit.However, Domatters always believes that the first thing to think about in pursuit of hot spots is where the source of hot marketing this time. Then how to achieve the combination of marketing sources and hot spots to achieve the purpose of marketing is the first important issue. No matter how hot the hotspot is, if you want to follow up, you must invest in marketing. For any investment in marketing, we will have a reason and goal, which is the so-called source of marketing.As we all know,the integration of product and effect is the goal pursued by all brand marketing, which is where the source of marketing is.


The significance of hot spots is to make communication more efficient, rather than blindly follow. Therefore, the source of brand pursuit of hot spots is also to strengthen the brand and promote sales. Therefore, when a hotspot explodes, the first thing a brand must consider is whether the source of this hotspot marketing is to strengthen the brand, promote sales, or both. If this wave of hot marketing can neither increase sales nor increase the brand's premium power, then it can be said that this is a rogue, and it also shows that this is a wave of hotspots without marketing value.



The fit between brand and hot spot is the fulcrum of brand building marketing power



How to conduct hot marketing?


First we have to refine why this hot spot can explode. Whether is it because of a new feature that's getting people's attention, or someone's doing something that's subverting public understanding?


Good hotspot marketing not only needs to be creative, but also "seamless" that fits with hotspots to make people stand out. Not only will they not be laughed at, but also brighten up. For example, the Audi and Infiniti "Didi incident" that triggered a wave of lending some time ago. Many people are concerned about the "Oolong" itself, and we can extract the most noticeable oolong behavior of "Infiniti treats, Audi pays". Therefore, we see that many borrowings represented by Volvo and Mercedes are conceived according to this idea.


Therefore, marketers need to have the ability to filter out invalid information from hot events with a large amount of information and pinpoint core bursting points.


After refining a core marketing point, then marketers need to measure whether the product they need to market has a prominent selling point that can be combined with the refined marketing point.


If you can't find a connection, don't make up for it. It's better not to do this by tying the hot spot and the brand together.


For example, in the hot search list of Weibo, the topic is the most entertaining content, from which it is difficult to extract points for commercial information. The second topic is at the political level, but can this hot spot be used easily? To be honest, it is not easy to use. Although its topic volume is high, this type of hot spot is generally not used.


Therefore, the goal of hot marketing must be to make the audience have an impression of the brand or product. It's not just emotional. Because if there is a lack of correlation between the two, there is no exposure and dissemination around the brand core and value. The final result is often the hot spot itself "bigger and bigger", the brand itself "smaller and smaller", for the hot spot to do marry clothes, the loss is not worth the gain.





Deep digging "uniqueness" is the key to brand hotspot marketing



As we all know, one of the main characteristics of hot marketing is that many brands are rushing on, and the more popular they are, the more brands they participate in, and then they evolve into a "network-wide marketing feast." But this is not good for the individual brand itself.Because the face of hype hot marketing form, can really open the minds of consumers but few.The key reason is that the borrowing points of major brands are too homogeneous. Therefore, in the face of the same hot event, how to cut in from a unique perspective is the key on the premise that it is highly compatible with the characteristics of its own brand. After all, faced with the same hotspot approach, users either have no memory point or are disgusted. To stand out from the crowd, it is meaningless to simply follow the lead.


The most obvious example is in the hot marketing of major festivals. For example, during the National Day this year, most brands focused on the 70th anniversary. Originally, as a predictable hotspot event on the National Day, brands have a lot of room to play, but it can be seen that most brands' intentions for the sake of rush are quite obvious. As a result, the entry points of the major brands are too consistent, making the marketing itself meaningless. This requires brands to express their brand's extension value with unique differences based on a deep understanding of their own brands and products. Think carefully according to the hotspots and brand highlights, let the brand fully integrate into the event, and be truly related to the hotspots, so that consumers can be required to the greatest extent.



Consumer involvement is the underlying logic of hot marketing



In the era of the mobile Internet, consumers will feel indifferent if the brand is carried. How to get close to consumers' lives and how to have equal dialogue and interactive communication with consumers has become an important issue for brand marketing. Compared with other marketing methods, the high participation and high involvement of the hotspot itself is an important way for brands to naturally dissolve and distance consumers, and strengthen interactive communication.


It can be said that hot events have given brand marketing greater imagination space, and find matching points from the hot spots, thereby helping brands to establish new opportunities for interaction with consumers. "Mercedes-Benz Lifetime BMW" is a classic case of hot spots. It can be known that consumers have changed from passive receivers to active participants in the era of social media. Different subjective cognitive acceptance levels have directly led to different consumer acceptance levels of information.


From this point of view, the core marketing value of hot events lies in the way that consumers are actively involved in the brand interaction process through the way of hot spots, so as to pass the hot spots to brands and stimulate interaction. In order to break through the one-way communication mode, the communication between the brand and the target group becomes a two-way arrival. Because while motivating consumers to actively participate in discussion hot spots, it is also attracting consumers to explore the "story" behind the brand. Taking the "Didi incident" as an example, Volvo not only caused a lot of netizens to participate in the discussion, but also caused Audi, one of the protagonists of the incident, to comment in person. While maximizing the involvement of consumers, let yourself be one of the hot spots of discussion.


Finally, what domatters wants to say is that the essence of marketing is to "pre-empt" consumers 'fragmented time in targeted scenarios. Where consumers' attention and time are, where should the brand's exposure and investment be.


Although hot marketing has gathered a lot of attention in a short time, it is not a normal marketing method after all. Due to the influence of legality and compliance, coupled with too many uncontrollable factors of the hotspot itself, hotspot marketing is extremely risky. And blindly pursuing the detonation incident is actually more like a lazy behavior. After all, the basic skills of marketing are in details that ordinary people don't pay attention to, and chasing hot spots has a hint of "speculation". Therefore, as a brand, it is the king to tap core competitiveness and comprehensively use multiple methods to acquire and retain users and consumers. And hot spots have always been icing on the cake.



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