How to sell an apple from 0.5 RMB to 1 million RMB?

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How to sell an apple from 0.5 RMB to 1 million RMB?


When you see this topic, you may think that this is fundamentally unnatural. How could it make an ordinary apple worth millions of times instantaneously? And Domatters digital marketing in china will tell you that there is nothing impossible in the business world. Whatever the size of the sale, it is the wisdom of the person who sells it,especially for china sellers. Let us read the following article together.



In the first PR class, the teacher asked the students to come up with an apple and said that this apple was bought in the market at home in the morning.It is about 0.5 RMB. If you do not consider objective conditions, give everyone 5 minutes to rely on. With its own wisdom, it adds value to it and sells it for one million RMB. Is there any way?

One apple, sold to one million, do you want money to be crazy? The teacher’s voice just fell, and the fat man in the last row pulled out a dice and the whole class laughed.

If an apple is sold for one million, the fool will come to class! I wonder who is blind and the whole class has fried the pot.

The teacher did not speak. He just smiled and looked at everyone. After about a minute or two, he raised the apple again. I want to sell him to 5 RMB. Is there any way for you?

This easy to handle, plus a beautiful package, printed on Apple’s New Year’s Golden Pig, should be able to sell! Someone proposed.

Everyone nodded, then do we have any way to sell this apple for 10 RMB or 20 RMB?

Take it to a high-end hotel and squeeze it into apple juice. Not to mention 20 RMB, 30 RMB can also be sold.

How about, Apple can already sell 30 RMB, then come, then come, we sell it to one hundred RMB!

The class suddenly fell into silence, and everyone stared at the teacher. The teacher held an apple and dangling in front of us.

With it, look for Li Yuchun to sign a name on Apple, not to mention 100, and 1,000 people have bought it. How about the idea of ​​this classmate? Will someone buy it?

Yes, many students nodded.

The fruit salad or platter in the restaurant can be sold for 100 RMB, and someone shouted.

Well, if you make a fruit platter or salad, you can sell it for 100 RMB. You can find Li Yuchun to sign a name that can be sold for almost 1,000 RMB. Look, this apple has now reached 1,000 RMB.

Then I want to sell him to 10,000 RMB, what should I do?

Put on God Six, God walks around, guaranteeing you can get 10,000!

Well, this classmate’s idea is good, but God 6 is already down. If my apple can be put on God 7, you say, 10,000 RMB, can I sell it?

Do not sell!

It seems that ten thousand RMB is no longer a problem. I want to sell it to 66,000 RMB. Is there any way? There is no need for you to think this time. Let me read the news for everyone.

According to the Legal Evening News, reported on October 24, 2006, the selection of the Beijing Olympics for the selection of fruit was held for the first time. The Canton Red Fuji of the Cui Cun Zhenzheng Orchard Zhang Guofu won the “Olympics Apple” fruit king laurel. The “Olympic apple” king of the 66,000 RMB price shoot.

Look, if my apple can get this title and take it for auction, can it be sold for 6.6 RMB?

The students, afraid of not being able to do it, were afraid of not being able to think of it. Continue to think, I want to sell him to 100,000 RMB, there is no way? The teacher gave an apple.

There is a plant in Yunnan called yew, which is said to contain ingredients for treating cancer. The wooden cup carved with yew can be sold for 4 or 5 hundred RMB. I mean, if this apple has this function, like eating an apple, cancer It can be cured, then surely 100,000 RMB is bought.

Of course, let alone 100,000, 1 million, and 10 million people buy! Follow the table to follow.

The teacher stretched out his apple towards the girl. It was fine! Tap the function of the apple.

Haha, my apple was flickered to 10 million! Think again, there is no way?

Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai’s tokens have just been discovered in the archaeological grave!

The apple that grabbed Newton’s head and the only apple that died before the death of the tree could certainly buy 100,000.

Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to the United States, Bush’s personally handing the apple to his prime minister in his farm house was taken to the auction for earthquake relief. It is best for CCTV to broadcast a set of live broadcasts and sell 10 million RMB.

Everyone was talking about it, and the class was all of a sudden active. It seemed that everyone had many such ideas.

Can an apple buy one million?

Can! Not only, but also possibly 10 million or more. It seems that this is not a difficult thing. This needs planning.

Isn’t this the way that Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan’s witty rooster lay eggs?

The class laughed loudly.

We are now holding a small auction to auction the apple. Please note that this is a real auction, that is to say, you are asking you to pay for the price. Please consider carefully. This apple was chosen by the teacher personally, and it was the teaching aid in the first quarter of the public relations class! The teacher added to the tone of the first quarter of the public relations class. In this class, the apple was theoretically sold for 10 million RMB. , now start the auction, starting at 1 RMB.

2 RMB, 3 RMB, 5 RMB, 10 RMB, 12 RMB, 14 RMB…

Everyone rushed to raise prices, and it would cost 55 RMB.

I am out of 100 RMB, a girl stands up.

100 RMB, crazy, patted my shoulder on the same table, Bacheng is offering.

130, the donkey countered immediately.

Only two of them are asking for price, and they don’t give each other.

In the end, when the donkey called for 330 RMB, the girl stopped snoring and her face became red.

The teacher asked the donkey to regret it without regret. The donkey said he would not regret it. The teacher said, then you save money!

The donkey quickly took out 330 RMB. The teacher took it upon him bluntly, gave it to everyone, and put it into his pocket.

In the evening, the donkey took more than 100 guests to ask for a dorm. Everyone laughed when he bought a golden apple and the donkey smiled a bit. This gave the teacher a deep impression. The grades of this lesson are fine! If you therefore want to get it, First-class scholarship, how much do you say that this apple is worth? First-class and second-class, but more than a thousand, ah! What do you mean by value?

Public bribery teacher! Everyone then began to split his gold apple, donkey haha ​​smile, this can not be done, this golden apple has use, to give to the girlfriend, and then discuss her favor! This donkey is really not stupid what. Of course, this is something.

Domatters digital marketing in china Ways to add value to products



How to add value to the product?

First, package the product to make the product look more beautiful.

For example, to apple packaging, including printing on apple, plus wrapping paper or packaging box.

Seond, deep processing.For example, squeezing apples into juice, or making platters or salads.

Third, increase product functionality.

For example, Apple can cure or beauty.

Fourth, increase the cultural content of products.

For example, please sign Li Yuchun and pull it up with Newton, link up with Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, and connect with love.

Fifth, leveraging.

By the power of celebrities, by the power of auctions, by the power of events (such as disaster relief).

Apple’s value-added things are small, but it can reflect one’s business intelligence and money-making consciousness. With this wisdom and consciousness, everything dares to sell and dare to make money selling anything.

Let me find a news report for everyone. Is there an alien?

At least no one has ever seen it! But I want to say that there are companies that are using the aliens to make money to make money. Can you believe it or not?

According to reports, starting on February 27, 2005, a U.S. company launched a service called “inter-satellite call.” Interested parties can dial the number 1-900-226-0300 and allegedly be able to Star people call.

It is understood that the company will spread the voice of the caller into a distant outer space with a 3.5-meter-wide parabolic dish antenna. The call for “interstellar phone” is charged at $3.99 per minute. So far, thousands of astronomers have made calls to the outer space by making “interstellar calls.” The average length of each call is about 3 minutes. However, none of the “internet phone” callers had received an “extraterrestrial” response.

According to Christopher Ross, a researcher at Luss & Goss University, there is little chance that “interstellar telephony” will be able to connect with extraterrestrial civilization.

According to him, the “interstellar telephony” sound signal can only be guaranteed to be received within 2 light-years of the distance, and the nearest solar system outside the Earth can be in the area of ​​more than 4 light-years. We do not believe it. This was reported by China News Service on September 8, 2006.


Domatters digital marketing in china:This is using people’s curiosity to make money!

As you can see, curiosity can be sold. It is the same reason to buy a ticket from a shed in the park to see the Mermaid. The teacher then went on.

Domatters digital marketing in china: In fact, not only curiosity can be sold, many things that people can not think of can be sold.

The moon can be sold. Dennis Hope of the United States sells land for the moon. This can be really staggering. Hope cheaply sells land for $19.99 per acre, and there is also a real estate certificate. It is said that millions of people have found Hope to purchase large areas of land, including former US President Reagan Carter and famous movie star Tom Cruise. Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Eddie Murphy and some members of the royal family who did not wish to be named…

The air can be sold. Isn’t someone selling the air on the World Cup? Isn’t the German World Cup lawn also sold as one piece?

Garbage can be sold. It does not mean that your home is a waste product. Of course it is! The Statue of Liberty is demolished in a certain city in the United States. The municipal government is distressed by the tens of thousands of dollars of garbage to clear the freight. A guy has found the city government. Give it to me. You don’t need to use this money. He sold the Statue of Liberty eyebrows, eyes, nose, fingers and other parts and sold it. He actually bought 2.5 million US dollars. This guy was the main winner of the Los Angeles Olympic Games.

There is a civil servant in China,. I went to Tiananmen Square on the eve of the 50th National Day celebrations. I saw a lot of old floor tiles that were replaced. I found the Tiananmen Administrative Committee. I cleared up the garbage, but you have to give me a certificate. , The people of the management committee asked you to cover yourself! He put every block of bricks numbered together with the certificate of Tiananmen Square, packed it up, and began selling it to the national elementary and middle school for a price of RMB 1999. . Can you sell it?

Can! The city’s primary and secondary schools are difficult to handle, but rural primary and secondary schools can be bought because they have not been to Tiananmen Square, and can allow their students to step on the flag of Tiananmen Square to raise the flag. It is also a matter of pride!

The total length of the Berlin Wall is 169.5 kilometers, including 104.5 kilometers of cement board walls and 10 kilometers of cement walls. The wall is about 3.6 meters high, with 253 observation towers and 136 bunkers along the wall. After the merger between East and West Germany, the government took him seriously. To this end, please come to a person named Kassel. This guy is not simple. Each brick is numbered and accompanied by a certificate and sold to museums and tourists all over the world. Also made a lot of money.


Stupidity can also be sold! Comrade Han Qiaosheng is not making money?


Whatever the size of the sale, it is wisdom to sell it.

This is Cassenas’s famous quote who is the owner of the sale of the Berlin Wall. This guy had hosted an unusual charity auction in Hollywood during the Vietnam War. He raised funds for the Vietnam War. People have high anti-war feelings. As a result, one can imagine that one penny was not made. This guy can not be reconciled, he let everyone elected the most beautiful girl on the night to play, and seek the girl’s views. He auctioned the girl’s kiss, and she photographed the only one dollar. The media reported on the “1 dollar auction kiss” incident, and Kassel became a nationally renowned auctioneer. Later, he developed beauty beer and bath beer for German brewers. As a result, Augsburg beer, which was about to close down overnight, became one of the world’s largest sales of beer.

In January 2000, his alma mater, the University of Houston, asked him to return to lecture. A younger brother asked: “Mr. Kassel, can you tell me the essence of your entrepreneurship while I’m standing on one leg?” As a result, the student’s foot hasn’t been lifted yet, Kassel said. A super classic saying: “Sale and sales are wisdom regardless of size.”

I don’t know what kind of medicine the teacher bought in the gourd. The whole marketing came. We learned that lesson. Anyway, an apple makes the class atmosphere very good, has personality, likes!

In the second class, the teacher took out an apple and laughed in the class. The apples will be auctioned again. This guy has a sweet taste.

The teacher said, “You think I’m going to sell again. This apple was bought last time and it’s not sold. We eat it.” Saying, he took a big gulp and muttered deliciously!

Then I said to everyone, I spent 5 cents to eat, but did the student spend more than 300 hours to eat? The student said. The donkey was embarrassed.

I think it is definitely not for the sake of eating, 300 RMB can buy a few hundred pounds. What is he for? The classmate doesn’t say it. This is his privacy. But if we can really understand why it is, then our sales will be. One thing is for sure, this apple can meet some of his needs, but it is not eaten.

In fact, we think about it. We buy a house just to live, but it is to buy a home. The buyer’s warmth and freedom.

We buy green food to eat, but it is to buy health.

We buy beauty products for skin care, but more to buy beauty and youth.

We buy health products to buy health.

We buy clothes to keep warm, but it is more for image and confidence.


Domatters digital marketing in china:That is to say, if we buy any one product, the more it buys is its culture, philosophy, mood and even its feelings.


If we figure this out, sales will be easier.


Domatters digital marketing in china: That is to say, culture, ideas, concepts, confidence, health, beauty, feelings, etc. can all be sold, depending on whether you can combine your selling points with people’s needs.


By the way, that Apple sold more than 300 RMB, and I wouldn’t swallow it alone. Even if this classmate donates money for our public relations class, it will be spent for everyone at an appropriate time.

Well, several people take the lead in clapping.

Health, warmth, self-confidence, true feelings, mood, feelings, beauty, and how much love can be sold? Isn’t it a good thing to say that gold is priceless? If it is these things, how much is the price?

If we are not selling apples, but confidence, honor?

If we are not selling clothes, but faith, face?

If we are not selling skin care products, but beautiful, beautiful and youthful?

If we are not selling a house but a home, what is the warmth, warmth and sense of belonging?

If we are selling happiness, curiosity, happiness, harmony?

How much can you say is expensive?

The problem is that many people are simply selling products, not the culture, ideas, feelings, feelings, feelings, etc. that are contained in the products. Can they be said to sell?

Or they also want to buy these things, but they did not find the conditions to meet people’s needs!

The essence of sales is to meet people’s deep needs, not the superficial ones!


Domatters digital marketing in china tell you that it’s possible to sell an apple to one million if you are good at grasping opportunities and being good at creating opportunities!


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