How to do the self media in China?

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How to do the self media in chinese social media market?


Why I don’t advise individuals to do full-time from the self media.


Reading: I’ve talk to some of the business and self media partners .I obtained some conclusion which I want to share with who are engaged in new media or want to enter the industry.

Recently, some of my friends who did not find a new work in the job hopping peak season of May and April and felt This year, the employment situation is inexplicably not optimistic with more  requirement and no higher wages.

A new media manager A: has been working in the new media industry for 3 years. Although it has not written 100 thousand + exploded text, but relying on its solid writing and understanding of the business industry, the standard of soft text charges is earlier than the standard of the industry. The income of the manuscripts for every Thursday article is close to the monthly salary of the company.

Therefore, the idea of resigning specializing in new media has sprouted. But after working for 1 and a half months at home, she came to a home to work again.



Later, I asked her heart at the cost of a pizza hut. While working at home is clean, tranquil, free, and what you want to do, it is easy to relax and be comfortable, but it is completely replaced by another feeling for a long time. She began to feel particularly lonely in second weeks. Although there were hundreds of colleagues in WeChat, friends and girlfriends, people were talking about a variety of topics, and at night they also made a pay live broadcast on a question and answer platform, interacting with small fans. But the communication of the Internet, regardless of the pulse or the stranger, the communication said how colorful, true, but turn to see other people’s expression of the exchange experience is hard to feel at home. Especially for girls, no one gossiping can be an unbearable feeling of frustration. No matter what colleagues do not have to assume their friends’ responsibilities, they can also enjoy the plastic girlfriends who go to the toilet together.


An operation manager B:5 years of work experience, has done sales, transformation and operation. The ability to write is not excellent, but he is a talkative speaker, a APP anchor of a radio station, and a guest lecturer in a marketing company. Therefore, a subscription number was set up to share sales and marketing experience. Fans grew very well, and 4 months later break ten thousand .the amount of reading was generally 500+. It is also because doing the media seems bright and bright, so it is unintentional to work and start the main micro signal. But strangely enough, even though it takes more than a few hours every day to study how to write pictures and articles, and study headline skills, the income is still not up to the mark. Finally, we can only return to the big force of our work. In fact, it is hard to say that he  have come out of the problem, and he can do a million eight thousand of the advertising, but since the start of the study of the media operations, what fission marketing ah, the community operation, began to become more and more quick and quick, hope to  buy the BMW next month, marrying the  model, climbing the peak of life. But in fact, his content was sought after, because his experience was more attractive and the way he was talking was happy (Fan Er, a northeastern man. But after learning the way of commercialized operation, they lost their attraction and began to trap themselves.


In fact, this is not an accident, but because there is no long-term stable source of income protection, the scarcity of security leads to the extreme attention to the current income. In particular, when you are a small self – media author, with the adjustment of the algorithm, the flow of the platform, or one day (perhaps), you have to save a little deposit in order to resist the future risk.


This is similar to the person who wanted to be a writer, but because the times are better, many people from the media still have a bottom – keeping income, unlike the poor writers who have a zero income for the same month.


There are also other small partners who have been feedbacks for nearly half a year and are eager to do their own media impulse. In particular, you can often see the Tencent classroom often push some “hands to teach you to create a successful self media” courses, teachers will be exposed to their great achievements and rich income, tell you the monthly income is thousands eaily.  thousands need diligence, teachers teach you methods, everyone can learn.


A lot of advertisements like this.


But, the premise is that you have to pay the tuition. I do not have a tuition fee, but from the account of the teacher’s account, these people are probably collectivization, and have done a lot of similar accounts. By calculating the point of explosion, making a few accounts, and then getting high income with the form of the account matrix.

But these teachers will tell you that if you follow your teacher, you will succeed. But I believe that if you pay, if you follow the teacher later, even if you can make money, you have to pay a portion of the data fee / subject fee / service fee / software fee for a month… Etc.

Now, of course, the hottest thing is to make short videos, Douyin or a Kuaishou. it’s a mystery that how long they will be hot  So it’s not the current income growth that makes it difficult to do freelance work with the media. It is your income that is hard to maintain. Your life is not exactly the same as you initially imagined. No matter what your job or life, you are faced with many challenges.


10 w+ the value is getting lower and lower self media.


Therefore, full time media life will be faced with great challenges, which are often unimaginable before you enter.

Basically, I suggest you find a job (if possible, of course, a civil servant or career), and then do the self – media creation in your spare time without working overtime.

If you really want to rely on your media skills to become freelancers, wait until you have more than fifteen thousand  wages jobs. What’s more, in terms of the current policy, every self – media platform will re – adjust the algorithm in 2018, and will be more sad for individuals to further restrict the flow of media numbers.

To sum up, the great uncertainty risk, the difficulty of ability promotion, the high cost of trial and error, and the semi closed state of one’s own life are a few aspects that you should consider before you do the media at full time. Of course, if you have 10w+ and team work, it’s another matter.


So  the media’s little friends, do you also want to do it yourself? Welcome to chat.


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