Why is the "eating broadcasting economy" popular in China?

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Mukbang,another name is eating live streaming,are emerging in South Korea, where users live stream food on various live streaming platforms. The content includes the Daweiwang challenge, the spicy challenge, finding food, making food, exotic eating methods and other series of eye-catching content related to eating. After it was introduced to China, it became very popular on major live streaming platforms. Especially the "loneliness economy" of the younger generation in China is developing rapidly. Eating live streaming has also become a form of video loved by "Empty-nest youth". In the Taobao live broadcasting room, live food is a means of promotion. According to the "Taobao Food Live Streaming Trend Report 2019" released by the Taobao Foodie Joint Amoy List, more than 1.6 billion people watched the food live broadcast on Taobao in 2018, and the food sold in the live broadcast room increased by more than 400% year-on-year.


Many people dragged their tired bodies after get off work and went home to open the instant noodles covered by the iPad, and then eated and ordered broadcast videos. You are looking at the host of the food opposite the screen, as if you are tasting delicious happiness. At this time, the tired eyes could shine again.


Under the "eyes" of video viewers, there are many food bloggers who have eaten all kinds of food at a large table in one go on various video live streaming platforms. Not only can the anchor host "eat a meal", but also let the audience "satisfy" and eventually achieve a "win-win", which is the charm of "eat broadcast". Because of this, more and more young people are joining the "Eating live streaming industry". Individual head eaters have over 100 million followers.






Langweixian, Mi Zijun, Duo Yi, mimi, etc. are all well-known internet anchors in the Chinese Eating live streaming industry. On Douyin, the number of followers of Langweixian’s account exceeds 39 million, which is higher than that of many well-known movie stars in China.


Why is there so many audiences for eating live streaming? Today we take Daweiwang DuoYi as an example to analyze:



1.Eating isn't as easy as you think

Daweiwang DuoYi :The modern people like to watch food because of the pressure



"Dawei Wang Duo Yi" is a food blogger with 5.44 million followers on Weibo and 4.82 million followers on Douyin. In the video, she once challenged the tasks of "clearing 1314 skewers", "eating 200 yuan to grab cakes" and "challenging the car-end octopus balls".


Dawei Wang Duo often cooks videos such as emptying grilled squid and challenging steaming pan fried dumplings. She once called the takeaway grilled squid for 1,000 yuan and ate up all the grilled squid.


Duo Yi has also successfully made the circle of live streaming. She once boarded the CCTV to perform the "listening to speech" stunt, that is, she used to judge which part of the beef was eating through the barbecue. She also appeared on the hot search for this incident.


"The first batch of fans was accumulated during the live broadcast. At that time, there were relatively few people who divided the cake of "big stomach king eating live streaming". I also entered the field of short food videos earlier, so when accumulating fans Opportunities are slightly better, and luck is better."


In Duoyi's view, the fundamental reason why contemporary netizens like to watch eating live streaming is pressure. She thinks that eating live streaming is to bring happiness to everyone, so that everyone seems to have a longing for food and a sense of happiness.


"Because many people who want to eat but they dare not eat care about their body very much now. Then I will help him eat and help him do what he wants to do but dare not to do. Another thing is that this can make me share some interesting things that happened in my own life when the night is quiet. It also has a sense of healing."


In the early days of eating live streaming, Duo Yi released some videos edited during the live broadcast. But after a long time,considering that the audience may be "visual fatigue", she began to plan more interesting eating live streaming topics. From the planning to the end of the shooting, Duo Yi has no particularly stable time flow. She said that sometimes inspiration comes,but sometimes she can't think of a plan all day long. "So I still need to learn more professional knowledge and see more excellent works."


In the first episode of eating live streaming video, Duo Yi can basically finish shooting within 1 to 2 hours, and finally need 2 to 3 days to edit. But she still thinks that the quality of her current video content is not enough to support her account and fan count. So she wants to iteratively upgrade her content to enrich the content form, not only to explore the store and eat and broadcast, but also to have some practical content that allows the audience to obtain information and strategies.






Last National Day, Duo Yi made a special video. She was carrying 50 cups of milk tea on the street. When everyone thought she was going to challenge to drink 50 cups of milk tea, she said"Auntie these milk teas are too heavy,please help me get it" and then gave the milk tea to the sanitation workers and construction on the roadside.


This year's e-commerce live broadcast broke out, and many well-known anchors are turning to live broadcasts. For example, DaWeiWang Duo Yi is also one of them. But this is a difficult road. She is ready for a protracted battle. She believes that the anchors themselves also need to constantly improve their personal charm and professionalism.


"If you have the idea of entering e-commerce, there may be some ups and downs along the way, but you must stick to the end, including some of your own methods, maybe this form is not suitable for yourself as an e-commerce. Find your best highlights in the roll, and then stick to it. The words may be a bit big, but I still want to become Weiya in the food industry or Li Jiaqi in the food industry."



2. Eating live streaming also need prominent people

Addiction culture: To create memory points



The food addiction culture of the MCN company where DaweiWang Duo Yi is located has studied the user portraits of eating live streaming. There are three points in the psychology of these people:


The first point is satisfaction. Eating can bring the most basic physical satisfaction of the appetite,especially when people are hungry at night but need to lose weight. At that time, when they watch the food and broadcast, they will have a sense of substitution and get psychological satisfaction.


The second point is a sense of security.


The third point is the need for feelings. Because most of the people who watch food and broadcast now are young people. They live alone and they are busy with work, and they need to be accompanied. Basically, they can only gather with friends on weekends. They usually live by themselves. Many young people will open eating live streaming when they eat. When you start eating, there will be an emotional need similar to companionship.


The difference between the choice of gourmet IP and other verticals is that the core of the celebrity celebrity is that they need to be a ‘foodie' or have a great passion for gourmets. Other types of IP require that the person has a high degree of recognition and expressiveness, and a prominent person.


Generally,addicted food culture will reflect the difference of the talents in two aspects:the first is the difference in personality,and the second is the difference in content.They create a direction suitable for Daren through these two aspects.


As a form of content in the vertical field of gourmet video,eating live streaming is different from the "cooking" type of gourmet video in the output audience of eating live streaming, but there are also overlaps.







"I believe that many people who like to eat and broadcast also like to watch cooking videos, and many people who like to cook will also watch and broadcast videos.The audience for eating live streaming is more of their own psychological needs."


Tan Peng, co-founder of addiction food culture, said that he has said many times within the company, “why users pay attention to you and whether you can bring value to your users is the only reason for users to pay attention to you. Even funny and entertainment bloggers can bring entertainment value to users, which is a core point of short video content.”



3. People who like to eat and hate to eat

"Lonely foodie" is in opposition to "the point of view that spoils one's body"



For many people, cooking is a hassle, and it takes a long time to think about what to do today.Over time, eating has become a hassle. At this time, watching food videos is not only entertainment in daily life, it can also solve the problem of what they want to eat to a certain extent.


Compared to videos that teach people how to cook,eating live streaming is more engaging. Because not anyone can cook, but everyone must want to taste the delicious food.Eating live streaming use people's singularity psychology to some extent, and people are sensory animals. If you can't taste the food yourself, then watching others eat the food is also a way to get satisfaction.


In addition, the “solitary economy” of the younger generation in China is also developing rapidly.Eating live streaming has also become a form of video loved by "empty nest youth".Looking at the bloggers across the screen eating alone, the screen itself is not a "lonely foodie", so eating live streaming has a wider audience.


But for those who don't like watching eating live streaming videos, they think that the broadcaster's eating method is very rough, and it is stuffed into his mouth.


In addition, as Duo Yi said, contemporary netizens are under a lot of pressure on their work and life. Many people get happiness through watching food videos. Watching other people’s eating videos makes them more “sweet” and more eager to eat when they eat. There are more and more "big stomach kings". But in the development process of eating live streaming, there is also a content that changes the taste of eating live streaming. In order to attract eyeballs, bloggers only seek shock. The food they eat is often large and not beautiful, and they are too large for large portions. Let people look at the desire to eat nothing. There are also eaters who like to eat a lot of "shock" food, such as bugs, live fish, etc. Some people may even feel uncomfortable with this...


However, some people think that it is not necessary for Daweiwang to eat and spoil his body. Others think that some food broadcasts start to fake food, deceiving the audience's trust.


Not long ago, a UP host with 37,000 followers on Station B also "overturned". He mistakenly uploaded the original video without editing and found and deleted it was too late.






According to weibo user @Rabbit Paoding, he felt sad after watching the whole video. During the recording, he was guided by an assistant who instructed him to drink soup, eat deep-fried dough sticks and soak red oil in steamed buns. His hands and mouth were monitored on the spot.What's more, the UP master pretended to eat.


Writing the script in advance and producing the video on an assembly line makes it lose its original meaning.Nowadays, you can see eating videos on every video platform.But many people feel that the content is homogenized.Once watching these videos, some netizens feel aesthetic fatigue, and food videos are facing a new round of challenges.



4. Post-eating era: visual fatigue and improved content

Is it necessary to improve the "self-injurious nature" of eating live streaming?



With the rise of China's short video platform,eating live streaming content has gradually entered the public's field of vision on Douyin and Kuaishou. While more people are seeing it, more people choose to become an eating live streamer.


It is understood that the annual income of "Dawei Wang Muxia" can reach about 120 million yen, or about 7.24 million yuan. This translates into a monthly income of up to 600,000 yuan. This is also the fundamental reason why more and more people choose to be bloggers.


With the passage of time, now in China, we can open a video platform to see all kinds of eating live streaming content. Over time, the audience also felt tired. In order to make eating live streaming videos aesthetically pleasing, many eating live streamers have improved the content form of eating live streaming.



  • Improve the food when eating, such as carefully arranging the dishes to make the audience feel that they also want to try the food combination.
  • In addition, it can also enhance the sound effect when chewing, making eating live streaming more immersive.
  • Many eating live streamers will match different side dishes and drinks to make a meal more appetizing.
  • In addition, Domatters found that more and more "post waves" have appeared in the bloggers.






For example, a food UP master on Station B, "Hello everyone, my name is Huang Xiaoxin", currently he has published a total of 5 videos. Among them, the video of eating fried chicken has received 940,000 views, and many people leave a message in the barrage that you do many people want to do as a child.


Compared with adults who eat and broadcast, minors eat and broadcast to give people a more real feeling. However, children who eat and broadcast have caused some controversy. Some people think that eating too much can easily affect the growing body. Others think that starting a video at such a small age will affect their studies.


Some netizens suggested him. Actually, I don’t think there is any problem with age. As long as you like to do this, you can try your best to produce high-quality videos. Everyone actually thinks of you. You can take in fewer calories next time and do something better for your body.


In order to avoid too much controversy, Huang Xiaoxin also mentioned in his profile. I will study hard every day.






The reason why more and more people are improving the form of "eating live streaming" and improving the content form of "eating live streaming" is because that the future development is not clear. The threshold is low, the quality of the anchor is uneven, the content is single, the homogenization is serious, and after a long time, the audience will naturally produce "visual fatigue".


It is easy to do "eating live streaming", but it is not easy to successfully create an eating live streaming IP. Therefore, as the short video field becomes more diversified and subdivided, "eating live streaming" must also learn to catch up with the trend of the times and change the content form of "self-harming". This will be in harmony with the health concept pursued by contemporary people, so that there will be more fans.



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