What is the secret weapon of Coca-Cola in quadrupling sales?fine-tuning

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In a world of innovation and change, much of what you might think of as a "trick" often contains deep insights and sophisticated manipulators.Coca-Cola which is 133 years old has been changing the world with innovation in subtle ways you may not have heard of, but it works well.


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Just do one thing and double the sales


Take the large bottle off the shelf and place it on the floor, seemingly at random.By doing this, we can quadruple the sales of your products.This action is called "Di Long".


According to our statistics,transfer the bulk water from the shelves to the ground in a retail store into a 'Di Long' , sales will quadruple.





Why?There are three reasons:


First.The display position is increased to get rid of the space limitation of beverage shelf, and more rows can be presented in the front row in the same area.


Second.Large package of water add the cover handle and directly place on the ground. This is no need to take from the shelf and it is very convenient for consumers to take away;


Third.Seemingly random on the ground.But note that the first point of earth dragon is "seemingly arbitrary."This gives the impression that a lot of goods are available at a good price, and also gives the illusion that if you don't buy them at a good price, they will be gone.


Therefore, this row of ‘earth dragon’ is actually automatic in the consumer shouted: passing and through the way,but please don't miss!This is how to quadruple sales by doing just one thing.


The secret of Coca-Cola's "fine-tuning"


Have you heard this story?


Two men, Zhang San and Li Si, were walking in the forest when a bear suddenly appeared to chase them.In this urgent, Zhang San immediately squatted down to tie the shoelace.


Li Si is anxious of shout that you tie the shoelace have what use, you can't run past the bear!Zhang San says "I assuredly can't run past the bear,but as long as I run past you is OK".


Most of us make the mistake of thinking our mission is to fight the bear and win.It does happen, and maybe Steve Jobs has faced it, and so has Elon Musk.


But for most people, we're more like Zhang San.When we face the real problem and the best strategy is to be better than everyone else.


Has it ever occurred to you that Coca-Cola, a company that has been around for 133 years, has been selling so-called sugar water, which is a really familiar flavor, a familiar formula...For more than a hundred years, the product seems to have no innovation at all, but it has lived for more than a hundred years, and is still a world-renowned large company. Don't you think there is something wrong with it?Is there any secret?


Today domatters reveals one of Coca-Cola's secrets that how to change the world with fine-tuning.


The supreme guideline within Coca-Cola is "execution is king".Please note that what we mean by execution is specific, which is to do a good job in terminal display.


What is display?Display is about putting things in the best possible place in a limited space. It's as simple as that.


But how can such a simple sentence be the supreme guide?Let's look at a real example.


Coca-Cola has just launched a new energy drink called magic claw.The company's instructions to the salesman are that put it on the right-hand side of red bull, and keep the same number of rows as red bull, and sell it for the same price as red bull.


This is the new product of Coca Cola company, which has the best-selling beverage in the world Coca Cola.So why not put it next to the best selling coke?Why does it have to be next to red bull?Why not on the left hand side but on the right hand side?


Let domatters China digital marketing tell you all about it:


First of all, the positioning of magic talons is energy drinks. When talking about energy drinks, what comes to your mind first?Yes, red bull.Consumers who buy energy drinks are subconsciously looking for red bull, which is their reference point.People who buy energy drinks naturally don't go to coke freezers to get them, because in their mind, coke doesn't have energy drinks.So, putting it with red bull automatically tells consumers what the new product is for.





Why put it on the right of red bull?Because more than 99% of people in China are right-handed.People tend to reach for products on the shelves with their right hands.You must want to say that this is all a small trick. Is it also worth mentioning?It's worth, but it's not a small trick.


Many consumers initially went for red bull, but they took magic talons when they went out. According to market research data,just beacuse of the wrong order of display will increase the sales volume of magic talons by 13%.You see, just standing next to the first brand such a position of fine tuning, performance results can increase by more than 10%, even dozens!


Have you noticed in the supermarket that most famous brands which do consumer goods display their products in a concentrated way on the shelves with vertical color scheme?


Why pursue a vertical concentration of the entire color system? Can't color system horizontal concentration?


Yes. This fine-tuning technique comes from anthropological research.Research has found that the majority of supermarket shoppers are women.Why? Because it's in women's genes.


In ancient China, when primitive people were still living in the forest, the division of labor was that men were responsible for hunting, with a clear target, drawing bows, shooting arrows and carrying the prey home.Women are responsible for picking, humming a small song east pick a west pick a.Does picking fruit look a lot like going to the supermarket today?Walk around and have a look, those brightly colored, large, is the most easy to see the fruit, the probability will be picked back.If you pick the color is not bright, small, the whole family will not eat enough...Since picking fruit in the forest hundreds of thousands of years ago, women have paid special attention to the color of products, and a large piece of color can stimulate their attention.


People's visual habits are first up and down after the left and right, so vertically concentrated display, and maintain the same color department, is equivalent to your artificial to consumers made a huge full "fruit".Sales of the same brand increased by 16% year on year after being fine-tuned to adopt vertical and same-color display.


With such a high sales increase, you don't even need to fight for a larger area, just requeue according to the color.


With so many secrets, does coke just go out and brainwash the store directly?


As a company of 133 years old, "cunning and crafty", it did not need to make athletic changes at all.The company's requirements for the salesman is that you can adjust a little every day.Put an extra bottle of product on the shelf today and add a row. Move the coke freezer from the inside to the outside tomorrow...Don't look at a little adjustment every day, the cumulative benefits are amazing!Coca Cola is the accumulation of small adjustments every day, more than a hundred years to defeat countless opponents and become today's beverage world undisputed first.Now the annual net profit can make more than 5 billion dollars which is the most consistent with the value investment law in the mind of investor warren buffett.

Chinese people often say that "four liang pull thousand jin", in fact, Coca-Cola do is "add si liang to thousand jin".





How do you successfully sell a 2000 yuan bottle of wine in a store where all the bottles cost 200 yuan?


You might think of marketing, branding promotion.Right?No, you just need put three bottles on the shelf: 200 RMB, 2,000 RMB, 30,000 RMB.


The 30,000 RMB bottle may never sell, but because it exists, more people will buy the 2,000 RMB.The psychological activity of most people is that is 200 RMB also can be a good wine? We can not afford 30, 000 RMB wine.But 2000 can both afford, and have a sense of their own is it still a medium level.


These are all part of the fine-tuning of location and sequence design to achieve the linkage of product usage scenarios and generate preset psychological drives.


Fast-food strategy: whole, top, set meal


What kind of drink do you order when you go to a fast food restaurant for a hamburger and Fried chicken?Coke, right?Did you ever wonder why you wanted coke?Is it because the burgers and Fried chicken are too dry?Marinated meat in baked bun is also dry.Why don't you think of a coke?Is it because of soda?So why wouldn't you want to drink Sprite?


That, Domatters tells you, is the result of Coca-Cola's "fine-tuning."They changed the coke from the drink menu in the burger shop to the chicken next to the burger and made the set meal.This constantly strengthens your burger and coke combination, and eventually makes you feel like you need coke to eat your burger, which is a perfect match.In fact, they are totally different from each other, and through the fine-tuning of menu display in fast food restaurants, the food collocation is actually formed.


There are also "full, top, set" display fine-tuning technology on the Internet.For example, open a takeaway website and click on the takeaway page of a certain restaurant.


Change the "coke" on the web page to "Coca-Cola 300ml."This is called whole’.


In the beverage category, we adjust our drinks to the top of the same category, which is called ’ top’.


There has to be a set meal that comes with a takeaway. It's called a set.


Through "whole, top and set", such a small adjustment, coke's sales volume in the restaurant's takeout business can normally increase by more than 30 percent.These tweaks are actually the result of very large data surveys and consumer psychology studies done around the world by FMCG companies and retailers like Coca-Cola.





Coca-Cola really isn't just a company selling sugar water!Today, Coca-Cola's consumer psychology research has been carried out by using VR technology and eye-tracking technology, which is very advanced.But the best research, if it comes down to action, has to come down to a very small adjustment that a salesman around the world can make.


In every store, every person make small adjustments every day.At this,you don't have to beat the bear to win. You don't have to create great companies through revolutionary product innovation.What's more, product innovation will hit a bottleneck one day. As you can see, the product differences of recent generations of iPhone have become smaller and smaller.At this time, in addition to the macro path of revolutionary innovation, there is also a micro development path winding through you, that is, "fine-tuning changes the world".As long as you have enough time to accumulate and do a little every day, you can also beat your opponents and gain a lot of benefits.


Super-profits from fine-tuning


Fine tuning, looks like a small action, looks like a very insignificant action.As long as you do it well, as long as you stick to it, the cumulative benefits can be unimaginable.It's like the most famous motivational formula: it's a 0.01 change, multiplied by the accumulation of time, the difference is one sky and one earth.


Time is perhaps the fairest thing in the world for everyone who has it.Everyone is 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.Why is it that some people's day is as colorful as the four seasons, while some people's whole life feels like repeating a day?The easiest and least painful way to manage your time and make a difference in your "little world" is to fine-tune it.For example, tweak your wake up time each day.You'll find that waking up half an hour early and doing something meaningful, like reading, writing, or exercising,which will give you a sense of strength and control throughout the day.That half an hour can make all the difference in your day.For 30 minutes a day,if you do for a year, you will earn an extra week.If you do it for ten years, it's two and a half months.What about 20, 30 years?By the time that's done, you've already started waking up 30 minutes earlier, and you've been doing it for a long time.





Even better, it gives you a sense of control over your time.You put on your best running shoes when you see so many people sleeping and begging god to give you a chance to turn over in 500 years.Not only will you be able to outrun your forest competitors, you might even be able to outrun a bear!I wish all people can use fine-tuning thinking to change themselves and make themselves better.


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