How to write a Persuasive content about SEO Optimization ?

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Five-step Formula for SEO Optimization Persuasive Writing


There are secrets in the writing of SEO-optimized soft papers, and these secrets are called formulas that “encourage customers”. There are 5 steps in this formula. Let Domatters decrypt seo china Optimization Persuasive Writing for you as follows:



Step 1: Attract AttentionAttention)

The first thing that an SEO optimization soft-text creation needs to do is to attract the attention of potential customers. You must attract potential customers to stop and start reading your information instead of turning off your web page or throwing your mail in the trash.

Perhaps you already know a lot of ways to attract customer attention and attention! Or in television networks or magazine ads, from soft drinks, cars, to diet, fitness programs, etc. Of course, some businesses often use “special content” to attract attention.

In fact, you can also make bold statements… citing amazing numbers… asking questions that can inspire curiosity… using certain objects or using popups. This is also useful for SEO optimization promotion.

Step 2: Determine the problem or requirement (Demand)

Many products or services will meet a potential customer’s needs or solve a problem. However, when potential customers see your promotion, they may just be thinking about how much the problem is causing themselves, or not. Therefore, the first thing you need to do in the SEO optimization softwriting process is to keep your potential customers focused on the needs or issues that you want to emphasize. Keeping his attention and interest all the time, only in this way can you talk to them about solutions.

For example, if you are selling an affordable inventory management software system and start not talking about your system, you can say, “Are you disliking paper management inventory?”

Step 3: Solution

Once you have drawn the attention of potential customers to the problem, the next step is to position your product or service as the solution to the problem. Your product or service is the antidote to this problem.

Step 4: Produce evidence (evide)

You say your product is good, how do you believe me? Your potential customer will ask in the heart: “Why do I have to believe you?”. To answer this question, you must speak with evidence. There are two types of evidence:

The first category establishes credibility. Let your potential customers believe you, you are a prestigious company or individual, trustworthy. For example, the graduation diploma of a famous medical school on the wall of a doctor’s office, or other certificates, is an example of using evidence to increase credibility.

The second category is related to products. Let customers believe that your product is as you say. Such as customer testimonials, previous cases, reviews, performance charts, test results, are all such evidence.

Step 5: Urge action(Action)

The final step in the creation of SEO-optimized soft papers is to call for action. Your goal is usually to attract customers to respond, or to consult, or place orders. Example: “Hurry up here and enter your mailing address and you will have the privilege of not having any risk of having a 30-day SEO optimization invalid refund guarantee.

“If you call (183xxxxxx) or add WeChat (vx3157xx) immediately, you can get a free five-step formula guidebook that composes SEO convincing texts.” I believe that in your original SEO optimization soft papers, you must have followed certain formulas that motivate customers. Perhaps even if you have never heard of this formula before. This is because you can feel how to create SEO optimization soft papers and get your potential customers to act. This sensation guides you in organizing your own SEO-optimized soft-text creation based on the steps that motivate customers. So in SEO optimization soft writing creation, if you can instinctively be able to create and let your potential customers act, then AIDA formula and incentive customers’ formulas, or other persuasive formulas have any effect? ​​The secret is to put the formula to encourage customers In front of you. You can use this five-step equation more fully and in the correct order, and make sure that you don’t miss any step, or that there isn’t enough to do it… This increases your odds of writing a winning SEO optimization soft paper.


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