How to do short video marketing well in the data-driven era in China?

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With the rapid development of short video, it has become the strongest "time killer".

For enterprises and individuals, whether to cut short video?

Is it too late to enter in the coming era of 5G?

How to do the content of Short video and do video marketing in the end ?How?

These questions, must be a lot of short video track with an eager attitude, but hesitant friends of the "heart itch".


First, Domatters summarized the current situation of short video in China in 2018:


  •        In 2018, short video develops rapidly and becomes the strongest "time killer".594 million independent users of short video account for 74.1% of the total number of Internet users, and 80% of the Internet users under 30 years old use it.
  •      The length of use has exceeded online video, ranking the 2nd in the mobile Internet industry segment.Second only to instant messaging, Internet has become a necessity of life;
  •  The average daily use time is over 60 minutes, which has become the main form of online entertainment for users. The time is rising steadily, and young people lead the trend. The winter and summer vacation are the peak use time.


  • Bid farewell to barbaric growth and enter the stage of healthy development. Short video links multiple scenes, breaks the boundary between online and offline, and accepts multiple resources.With the improvement of platform experience and commercialization, it will bring more profound changes to users' lifestyle.


At present, the overall user portrait of short video is led by young people in second - and third-tier cities in China.In the distribution of population in the provinces, from coastal to inland depth.The ratio of male to female users is 48:52, which is very close to the ratio of 52:48 in China.


In the development trend of short video industry, it presents the characteristics of accelerated flow concentration, diversified realization mode, centralized KOL management and standardization.


In the short video realization mode, there are currently four main ways: advertising/marketing, games, e-commerce, and live broadcasting.


     At the present stage, the core mode of short video marketing realization is mainly using the social platform playing method, such as screen opening, information flow, video number, fans headlines, etc. However, with the improvement of the industry and the upgrade of user experience, there will be more innovative playing methods in line with the characteristics of video platform.In addition, in the field of live broadcasting, reward sharing based on live broadcasting has become the standard configuration of the current short video platform.


There is a difference in marketing value between Douyin and Fast Short Video.The core marketing value of shake sound reflects its "toxic magic, young cool, consumption power", and the core marketing value of Fast Short Video reflects "loyalty, trust, temperature".


Hiddletone KOL has a very high vertical subdivision, with more than 20 subdivision content categories, such as little brother, little sister, music, dance, emotion, funny/funny jokes, creativity, automobile, beauty makeup, etc., and users are more inclusive of the content.


   Domatters suggests that if your brand wants to do KOL delivery on Douyin sound, don't stick to the imagination, embrace the KOL crowdsourcing idea with a more open mind, the effect will exceed expectations.


    The content form of Fast Short Video users is still based on the needs of pan-entertainment and pan-life, paying more attention to funny jokes, chicken soup for the soul, health care, local news, emotion/gender, etc.


    Domatters suggests that if your brand wants to do KOL marketing on Fast Short Video, or choose content that conforms to the mainstream preference of "brother" to conduct product/brand implantation, the effect will be better!


    How to run a good enterprise short video, "wisdom" to make hot style?What is the core value of enterprise number on such platforms as shake tone and Fast Short Video?


    Domatters concluded that establishing brand video social user assets, communicating with young users and realizing planting grass and carrying goods are the three core values of short video enterprise number.


    In shake sound platform, brand suits to let a user more "plant grass".Enterprise number, the value of the business system is reflected in: can help the brand effectively precipitation users, mining the core users, and to convey the brand value and concept to users.In the commercial value system of Douyin, enterprise number plays the role of realizing "user value" and is an indispensable link in the closed loop of Douyin business.


How to use KOL to do a good job in short video marketing and double the revenue?


1. The scene

Choosing the right scenario to deliver the brand, product selling points, and content marketing is the foundation of success.


2. Participation

Let the user actively participate in your short video marketing, enhance the user's brand loyalty and sense of belonging, as well as the product awareness and purchase.


3. Entertainment

Social entertainment is the core appeal of users on the Internet. It is suggested to increase the interest, reversal and resonance of the content.


4. The distance

The demand and value of vertical content will surpass the demand and value of pan-entertainment delivery and have a deeper circle of influence.But vertical is not only the account of their own field, but to be good at using multiple vertical breakdown layer.


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