Never thought, "sound effect" is the secret weapon of the brand

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We can close our eyes to reject the visual input, but we rarely cover our ears to stop the auditory input.

In today's digital world, sound is expected to be a new lifesaver after traditional methods of attracting and even trying to retain consumers have failed.

Never thought, "sound effect" is the secret weapon of the brand.


Some time ago, I saw an interesting solicitation on Sina microblog:

"Please say a sentence with a voice______ "

One answer is rather graphic:

"Deng deng deng deng, deng deng, deng deng ~ the whole family is your home.



   The brainwashed BGM of family mart convenience store always makes people hum along with it. A netizen from neon nation is even more imaginative, making some familiar sounds in the store into mixed songs.


    More interestingly, whether you're walking around the city's shopping center or down the street, or sitting at home or in your office, you may find that merchants and brands are increasingly using their "voice" to hold you.






One of the best at this is Nokia.


The founder of Audiobrain, a music company in New York, did a little test.In addition to Intel's "lights, lights and other lights," there is the status of our "news network" opening melody of the NBC theme song and so on.


These melodies are all familiar, but some people can't get the right answer right away.


Throughout the test, there was only one sound that everyone recognized reflexively, and that was the classic nokia bell.


In 1992, nokia first put it in a television AD as a BGM.


In 1994, when the Nokia 2110 came out, a short piece of it was selected as a ringtone, and the melody began to spread under the name Nokia Tune.


Since then, nokia has cleverly used this classic melody as a killer part of its branding campaign

, widely embedded in every nokia phone as an identifying ringtone.


In addition, it also frequently shuttles in "secret agent A", "love actually" and other film and television works, even in "kill bill" played A link plot banner.


Between 1999 and 2000, the nokia classic ringtone was registered as a trademark by the trademark authorities of the European Union, the United States and Finland.


    Although the nokia feature phone era has long since been replaced by smartphones, no one is likely to forget its classic ringtone.After all, it has jumped out of brand recognition and become a popular symbol widely used.




The secret weapon of sound is apple.


    It's likely that everyone is familiar with the apple Mac "dong" boot sound. This boot sound was modified by apple engineers. Jobs restored the original version after returning to apple in 1997, making this sound a classic.


   In 2012, apple successfully registered a trademark for the "dong" boot sound.


   But after nearly 20 years with the MacBook Pro, the voice that prompted the user that the computer system was working properly disappeared from the new MacBook Pro in 2016.



     The reason is that some people complain, in the classroom, meeting rooms and other public places boot, the boot sound when it is really full of embarrassment.


    However, this does not mean that the fastidious apple should give up the powerful sound memory.


    In addition to the iconic Mac boot-up sound, after the iphone email is sent successfully, apple will set the plane icon in the upper right of the phone screen, and accompanied by the sound of the plane flying over, this feature has become apple's exclusive patent.


With the same sense of sound identification, there are lighter art -- Zippo.


    According to research, 70% of people say hearing a familiar voice triggers a positive emotional response.


    After MGM's "lion roar" and Intel's "lamp, lamp, etc." were all registered trademarks, Zippo, 84 years old, finally got the trademark for its lighters' trademark opening and closing sound last December.


    In addition to being on your gift list, Zippo lighters are also active in more than 2,000 movies, TV shows and stage dramas, including "x-men" and "raiders of the lost ark."And its iconic sound has become part of pop culture.


       Fans and collectors of Zippo lighters have long recognized the irresistible satisfaction of flicking open LIDS and lighting windproof flames.Zippo is also marketing around its newly acquired sound label, with a series of in-skull climaxes (ASMR) movies at the center, in an effort to please the ear.


      For example, in the classic open and close sound, with the hand percussion shell, scraping and so on to create more sound effects, incredibly inexplicable decompression ~


     You can listen to the sound effects with headphones.






Tencent QQ registered the exclusive sound trademark


   On February 12, 2019, QQ turned 20, though there was no forwarding of q-coins.


   When the QQ prompt sound "tick tick tick" rings again, click on the dialog box, there is in addition to you forget behind the youth, there is "tick tick tick tick tick" difficult sound trademark application road.


   Although Microsoft Windows boot prompt voice, nokia mobile phone prompt voice and other well-known sound trademarks already exist in the world, but in China, what kind of voice can be registered as a trademark, there is no case for reference.


     After four years of application, two rejections and two lawsuits, tencent QQ got the sound trademark of "didi di di di di" in October 2018, which is also the first sound trademark confirmed by the judiciary in China.


    Although invisible, but the public because of the voice to remember a product, in the market level has many cases.


    Don't forget, the brand connection is actually created most of the time.In addition to the visual level of the Logo, the brand is also auditory, olfactory and other levels of identification, Logo, image, color, sound and so on, are the public identification of the brand way.


    In the contemporary era when the traditional brand promotion methods are becoming weaker and weaker, the above example of relying on "voice" is actually gaining momentum in this year.


   In addition to the aforementioned Zippo's acoustic marketing activities around the classic open and close sounds, Sweden's well-known furniture brand ikea, car manufacturer Renault and other manufacturers have begun to explore a unique way to try a series of auditory changes, and trigger intracranial climax (ASMR) marketing activities.


What other sound effects can you think of?Does your brand have an exclusive sound effect?Talk in the comments section


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