Vlog is hot. What do you think of vlog?

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Some time ago, "ouyang nana & vlog reading" was a hot search on weibo.By the time of Posting, the number of discussion and reading of vlog on weibo has reached 280 million, which all indicate that the popularity of vlog continues to increase.Vlog is a young way of expressing an attitude.At the beginning, Vlog was mainly concentrated in station B, which was the favorite APP in the age of Z. Therefore, users of station B had a high degree of coincidence with users' portraits of Vlog which means that Vlog is a way to express life in the new age.



Recently, you may have heard that vlog has been getting a lot of traffic support from various platforms or cash rewards for creators.

So why do platforms support vlog and its creators?Is vlog the new traffic darling?Is vlog a new wind outlet?


What is vlog?



Vlog means video blog, which is essentially a record of life, but the way of expression is transformed from graphics to video.Vlog is mainly used to record the author's daily life, with a wide range of topics, including the collection of various life trifles, or the record of participating in large activities, etc.


Vlog is exactly a foreign product.Recently, however, many platforms have started to develop vlog, and there are more and more vlogger creators on the local platform.

2018 was the year of the short video explosion.Douyin, kuaishou and other short video platforms gradually began to catch the attention of users, content videoization also formed the mainstream.But video is basically short, not vlog, but short video.





So what's the difference between short video and vlog?VLOG is not equal to short video


1.The purpose is different



Because short video is limited by long time, the author's ideas need to be expressed in a very short time.So it has a very high content density and cannot be called a video blog.The core competitiveness of short video is content, because short video content can quickly catch the attention of users.If you want to keep it alive for a long time, you need to continuously produce high-quality video content to increase fans.

The essence of vlog is to record the author's life whose content density and plot structure is much slower than video.Fans pay attention to the author's personal charm and life attitude, etc.In other words, vlogs are fans' attention weight author > content, while short video creator fans' attention weight is content > author.




2.There are significant technical barriers to vlog authoring


Good vlog authoring is usually done not by one person, but by a team.

It is important to know that the vlog shooting in the early stage needs professional machines, and the editing and dubbing in the later stage also needs professional production teams to complete.While a good short video may only require a perfect idea, the technology and machines required are often not as professional as making vlogs.


So, as vlogs are heavily subsidized by various platforms, there are bound to be a large number of vlogs of varying quality, but it will take a long time to produce professional vlogs.


3. Short video is easier to be homogenized than vlog content


When people are brushing douyin, it is easy to brush the same content through douyin's artificial intelligence recommendation algorithm, and the main difference is that the protagonist has changed.This is because the short video idea is easy to copy.The simplicity of the creation threshold results in homogenization of short video content.


Compared with vlog, vlog is difficult to be copied due to its long time, production cost, life attitude of the author and so on. It has a personalized label.


Although vlog is so popular, it is very difficult to realize fast through vlog.The reasons is for the following :


1. Uneven flow distribution


Why is the flow distribution uneven?Before the short video fire, there were a large number of high-quality vlogger in China, such as ouyang nana, peng tongtong and so on.With the subsidies of various platforms, many stars, web celebrity and people have started to shoot vlog, because of the star and web celebrity fans effect, with their own traffic, so they are basically head vlogger, get more traffic;Although waist vlogger can make high quality vlog, it may not be able to obtain more traffic, which may easily lead to insufficient motivation for later content creation.


2.Technology and equipment remain big barriers


As mentioned above, technology and equipment are indispensable prerequisites for professional vlog shooting, which is also a dividing line between professional and amateur.High quality vlog shooting requires professional equipment, shooting skills, post-editing and so on. It is a time-consuming and labor-intensive work, so it requires great efforts to be a professional vlogger.


3. Users are accustomed to fast-food content


How does vlogger ensure that a stranger is willing to see you for vlog5~10 minutes?This is a problem for all vloggers and content creators.Because this is an era of attention scarcity, users' attention is mostly 10 to 15 seconds short video.How to shift users' attention from short video to Vlog requires not only the powerful content of Vlogger, but also the refined operation of the users behind it.


4. How can vlogger with traffic receive the advertisement without hurting his fans?


For vlog creation, the weight of fans > content weight, fans are attracted to most of the vlog creators.If vlogger connected to the hard wide, this rather will have a certain harm to their fans, so, how to do not harm their fans under the circumstances can also cash flow is the need for advertisers and vlogger to think together.

Cash mode of Vlog



Vlog can be commercialized through customization of brand theme stories, brand exhibitions, product reviews, brand launch events, immersive experiences, and so on.These are all ways that brand and vlogger can cooperate. The realization method of vlogger can also refer to the above mentioned method.


Vlog is now heavily subsidized across platforms, so the most direct benefit to vlog creators is a platform subsidy.At present, how to make profits through vlog is still in a stage of exploration for the whole industry, and there is no clear way of realization.In addition to ordinary users being able to shoot vlogs, brands can also start to prepare their own vlog plans.We all know that websites have a front end and a back end, but the same is true for brands. Brands also have a front end and a back end.


The front end of the brand is the daily advertising, brand publicity and so on.Now vlog is so popular, you can use vlog to show the other side of the brand, which is the back end of the brand, 360-degree brand building.For example, the vlog construction of "happy changlong" on douyin platform and the official enterprise account of changlong resort on douyin short video platform are intended to continuously spread brand and activity information and maintain daily interaction and long-term communication with consumers.The specific communication strategy is to show the game project of the scenic spot in the form of vlog and video, and motivate users to participate in the interaction by launching a topic or challenge.

Up to now, chimelong's official account of douyin has 34.7 million fans and accumulated 308.6 million likes. The brand can help users better understand the brand through vlog.




Anyone can shoot a vlog, but not everyone can be a vlogger.We can record our lives by Vlog, but it is not easy to be a vlogge.


Domatters has the following Suggestions for Vlogger:


1. The direction of content creation should be vertical


Broad and extensive content cannot form distinct position in the user's heart, cannot occupy the user's mind.Therefore, the creation of Vlog should be as straight as possible, focusing on a certain professional field, so that users can form the habit of subscribing to your Vlog, which can greatly increase the stickiness of fans.


2. Seize the traffic dividend of major platforms


As we all know, Vlog creation is heavily subsidized by various platforms.So for Vlogger, it is necessary to build personal IP in each platform and form its own new media matrix by relying on the traffic dividend of each platform.


3. Establish private traffic pool


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