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Case Studies

EXPRESS VPN: We help promote VPN service to boost Chinese users

Back Story

ExpressVPN is a VPN server to help users get access to all the web services. We were brought on to help increase the company’s search traffic in order to create a new customer acquisition channel for the company.

Our Solution & Effectiveness

We helped ExpressVPN to optimize SEM on search engines like 360 and Sogou. By targeting brand names, different other internet products, and competitors, ExpressVPN is able to gain more exposure in order to drive more leads in China.


GUAVAPASS: We help do digital push in China

Back Story

Guavapass is an O2O premium fitness class pass from Singapore. The platform is designated as the largest community of fitness studios, gyms, fitness clubs and healthy-living experts. Guavapass works with us targeting customers in Beijing and Shanghai to increase brand awareness and to acquire new users.

Our Solution & Effectiveness

We work with Guavapass in both SEM and Social Media Marketing in various platforms including Baidu, Weibo & Wechat. On Weibo, we did a Christmas giveaway draw for Guavapass, which resulted in 10k+ impressions and more than 150 reposts. Moreover, we also tried a KOL blog post regarding January’s flash sale. The blog received 20k PVs and 50 likes in less 12 hours.

Baodao:We help do Large Data pcision Marketing

Back Story

Baodao was Founded in 1990 in mainland China overseas enterprises, has so far more than 20 years of history, the country has more than 300 glasses chain. We were brought on to help arouse the old member, increase the member active degree and butt the existing member system, realize unified management and drain the client from the line to the line.

Our Solutions & Effectiveness

1.Based on micro-letter platform, to help enterprises realize brand introduction, store address,membership registration, integration inquiries and other convenient functions.Activities on line 21 days, the number of fans increased by a hundred thousand of, the activity to receive tens of thousands of coupons;

2.We docked with the original member system, awakening the history member, updating the member information. Then we sedimentated user interaction data, perfect user portrait, achieve accurate marketing. Every activity of data pcipitation and analysis, improve the user portrait, to help fine operation.

3.Through SCRM platform, multi-area linkage implementation of O2O marketing activities, including activities page, coupon write-off, store user data statistics and other support to help guide the performance of the less active stores.

Integrated Resorts:We help do pcision Marketing in China

Integrated Resorts is asia comphensive entertainment and leisure resort which provide lisure and entertainment, hotel accommodation, retail, catering, life experience, such as a full range of tourism and entertainment projects. We were required to combine with the combination of Low-cost pcision marketing solutions, for the traditional resort digital innovation opened a new situation.

Our Solutions & Effectiveness:

1.The traditional way of receiving the guest is challenged, the cost is more and more high, and the result is very little;We use wechat to realize micro-letter attention to the conversion rate of 94% fans, active fans accounted for up to 60% .

2.We enhance the user's active degree through continuous interactive event marketing, a large number of drainage members. On the basis of the great effect of drainage, quickly lock the best communicators of Word-of-mouth marketing-employees,as the dissemination of radiation point, through the level of equity incentives, the introduction of "recommended courteous" staff marketing activities to further expand the scope of communication, resulting in more lasting influence;

3.We build a complete user portrait, to achieve pcision marketing which based on the user multidimensional attribute analysis. ,We tracked activity ROI and found the driver Kol of Word-of-mouth effect  to provide practical data support for marketing mining data deeper value.Data-driven "sales transformation chain" attract target fans from the locking of pcision promotion channels.We pcipitated a large number of data to analyze the value of the scene data and ensure the continuity of the brand business and customer communication. It have achieved up to 55% of the offline consumption conversion rate.

Vivo store:We help digitalization and shopping guide management

Back story: As a mobile phone brand focused on the smartphone field, Vivo focuses on creating intelligent products with outstanding appearance, professional quality, extreme image and pleasant experience with the pursuit of fun, energetic and young fashion.  Vivo is a new generation of young people’s favorite, become their pferred intelligent machine.
With the changing market and the new retail boom, Vivo is looking for a more efficient digital business, a series of digital transformation measures for the offline store management, online continuous interaction and other ways to create a new user experience for consumers.

Our Solutions & Effectiveness

1.We help build a new way of continuous interaction between shoppers and customers. And we solve the shopping guide and customer interaction management with the Internet technology. The use of "Shopping guide sweep code + user scan Code", the offline user drainage for online members. We achieved a shopping guide and customer one-on-one continuous interaction, response to timely demand rely on Wechat. So that customers online under the selection, order, payment, logistics, after-sale, evaluation, sharing and other trading links more convenient, experience a stronger sense. At the same time, it will not be in the brand line of sight of shoppers and users into the line of sight.

2.We pcipitate the pservation of the scene of interactive data,in-depth excavation of customer needs and provide users with personalized services through the store digital operation and the brand and shopping guide and consumers throughout the contact. We extend product lines, and efficiently expand the new category of customers like to meet the higher level of customer experience and help the brand quickly insight into market trends.Now store management more sophisticated which will guide and users into the brand line of sight.

Engnice: We help do brand new retail online

Back story:
The Engnice Founded in Hunan and 2008, the main British, Shubic two brands, is the leading domestic infant industry specialization group, in the country has nearly million sales outlets, annual turnover exceeded 10 billion.As the online dealer channels developing fast, offline stores to obtain new customers more and more expensive.Existing store sales models and channels can not establish continuous interaction with customers, user stickiness is not high.The user data portrait, the interactive link break, cannot construct a  good experience journey for customer.

Our Solutions & Effectiveness:

1.We guide as the key contact with the consumer interaction, the British all over the country nearly million sales store user data into the SCRM system, to build continuous interaction.We use the approach that called "Shopping guide sweep code + user scan Code" to effective manage shopping guides and members of customers and introduce a huge flow for the store.It realize the value and cost of balance.Now member have added 300%, fan day activity have increased 3~4 times, monthly interaction frequency of more than 20,000.

2.We acquired and retained the entire channel customer data. And we drived pcision marketing, scene sales business upgrade, while meeting the higher class customer experience, and efficiently expand the new category of customers like. Overall sales growth of 25%-30% year-on-year, effectively enhance the market influence 120%.

3.We based on a product one yard, store digitization, drive "reward" direct, reduce gift wrong hair, leakage, the formation of "brand-shopping guide-consumer-brand" of the benign interactive sales chain, effectively enhance the enthusiasm of shopping and consumer repurchase rate.Now operational efficiency have increased by 54% and customer cost reduction of 170%.New user purchase rate have increased 15% and the old user's repurchase rate have increased by 20%.

Tour Frombali: We build the websites and help optimize SEO

Back story:

Tour Frombali is an Indonesian company that specializes in travel to Bali.It is committed to providing customers with the most comfortable transportation and hotels as well as Indonesia's most memorable attractions and events.

Our Solutions:We help build websites ,Conduct baidu PPC, baidu SEO,Chinese social media promotion ect.

Success Crete:We build the websites and do baidu SEO


Success Crete is a concrete company based in guangdong, China.It aims to be China's leading decorative concrete manufacturer.They developed technology from USA and Australia pattern concrete,which can be applied to Patios,Pool Decks,Entrances,Driveway,Courtyards,Walkways etc.

Our Solutions:We build the websites and do optimize SEO in Baidu for Success Cret.

TROPICPHOTO:We help increase website traffic and do brand promotion


TROPICPHOTO is a company that tailors one-stop wedding Tours in phuket, Thailand.It helps couples to achieve a memorable and unique wedding in phuket,Thailand!

Our Solutions:

1. link building

2.China social media promotion

3.Video :uploading the videos on the site and promote the videos via youku.iqiyl ect.

4.KOL :Mining data deeper value, tracking activity ROI, find the driver Kol of Word-of-mouth effect, provide practical data support for marketing;Less than 12 days of time, the cumulative increase of 62% fans, an average of 20 friends to participate in the event,including many Kol influence around the more than 100 friends;

Severstal:We build the site and do Google SEO

Back story:

Severstal is Cherepovets Steel Mill, an integrated steel plant with coking coal, agglomeration, blast furnaces, steel-smelting and rolling facilities. It is one of the world’s most powerful and modern ferrous metals manufacturing enterprises.

Our Solutions:We build the site and do Google SEO

Dawn:We help do baidu PPC & digital marketing in China


The Dawn Medical Rehab and Wellness Centre is one of Asia’s finest drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation and wellness centre,which located in Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand. They offer holistic, comprehensive drug addiction treatment, alcohol addiction treatment, as well as behavioural addiction treatment, such as sex, gambling, internet and food.

Our Solutions:We help do baidu PPC、baidu SEO、site translation、Market research analysis、 digital marketing in China ect.