Baidu search page title specification (this is a suggestion from Baidu)

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  For search users, the title is the most intuitive cognitive channel and presentation mode of a web page, and it is also the key factor to attract users to click the search results and enter the landing page.


  In order to ensure the effective acquisition of required resources by search users and ensure the fairness of search results, baidu search now publishes the "baidu search page title specification" to the public, which is easy for people to understand.Baidu also hopes to meet the needs of users at the same time, for the webmaster to bring more traffic, achieve a win-win situation.


1. Definition of title


An accurate and concise description of the contents of a web page.

Specific examples:



Web source code reflected in:



2, The role of the title


Title for the search user, can help the user quickly insight into the content of the page and the page and search requirements relevance.It is usually the primary information used to determine which results the user clicks on.


Therefore, the use of high-quality page titles is crucial for the site.


3, baidu search page title specification


3.1 The principle of title


• The site should ensure that each page under the site has a specific title (as shown in figure 1-2 above, a sample of the title source code conforming to the specification), and that different pages of the same site should have different titles;

• The page titles should accurately summarize the content of the page, avoiding vague and irrelevant descriptions;

• keep page titles short and to the point, avoid long headings and avoid keyword stuffing;

• Correct use of symbols for page titles. It is suggested to refer to the usage of title symbols suggested by baidu (please refer to the section of "3.3.2 symbols for title" for details).


3.2 The types of titles that are not allowed to appear


When there are the following bad problems in the title, this kind of results will do the corresponding search results display restrictions.


3.2.1 False content of the title


It is index problem and webpage content do not agree with, cheat the circumstance that induces user to click.


Type 1: fake official website

It refers to the unofficial website, but the title refers to the official website.


Online screenshot:

Figure 3-1 negative examples of unofficial websites with titles of official websites


Type 2: user requirements cannot be met


For example, the title indicates that the novel TXT can be downloaded or read online, but the page does not provide download service or induce users to download the APP;Or in the title of baidu cloud download, support online viewing, but the page can neither download, nor online viewing.


Negative cases:

The title of figure 3-2 indicates the negative case of the downloadable novel but inducing the download APP in the page


Type 3: title statement partially false


For example, the title of a web page indicates that there is a university ranking in jiangsu province, but there is only a list of universities on the page, and there is no content related to the ranking.


3.2.2 repeated and stacked titles


Refers to the website title through excessive repetition or stack and other means to obtain improper traffic situation.


Type 1: the title keyword is heavily duplicated

Type 2: titles are heavily tagged with semantically similar keywords


Negative cases:

Figure 3-3 negative examples of keyword stuffing in headlines


3.3 quality page title Suggestions


High-quality page title, not only can clearly express the main purpose of the page, but also can give search users effective guidance, attract the target user click.To accord with the title of high grade standard, baidu will give more show preferential treatment.


3.3.1 composition of the title


Baidu page title can be summarized as "core word + modifier" format, modifier suggested not more than 3.


3.3.2 symbol of title


4, baidu title rewriting mechanism


In order to ensure the experience of search users, baidu search will adapt some page titles that are easy to mislead users, including but not limited to the following situations:

For the title stack and other over-optimized site home page, baidu search will be over-optimized title directly rewritten into the site name or company name;

For pages with vague meanings, baidu search will extract key information from the page and supplement it in the title to ensure that users can timely obtain effective information.

A sample rewrite for heading stacking:



Do relevant details in a timely manner to improve measures, in line with baidu search more "understand" you.Please feel free to contact us!


Content source: official platform of baidu search resources

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