A summary about fifteen promotion channels of WeChat mini program

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Small Applet program and WeChat official Account, the name of the registration is unique, that is, who first register who use and the person who behind registered can not use the name again.How to register WeChat official account for foreigners? PLEASE CLICK. And the recommended weight of the name which is certified is relatively high.According to the user's search habits and product features, as many registered applet names as possible are more likely to be searched by users.All we have to do is optimize the title of the Applet program.


For example, "the gift certificate of suzhou hairy crab gift box". If you search for the gift certificate, you can see the following picture:





  • Small applets nearby promotion  (free)


Nearby applets are a good channel for offline drainage.




A it's usually an enterprise

B, generally have offline entities, such as poplar small program is not ok

C. The operation method is shown in the figure below. Application is ok





  • Small Applet store promotion (free + paid)


There are many small Applet stores that are free to enter.Payment means that if you want to enter the APP store for recommendation, you may have to pay. Those who have done Applet promotion should know that this is the same as APP promotion store.


  • WeChat group chat promotion which is the mainstream channel (free)


This is a way we believe everyone understands.Now whether it is to make small game or article small programs are using this method to promote.


  • Promotion channels of official account (free + paid)


In fact, WeChat official account this promotion channel, if you can use it perfect that it will be very good.But this premise is that you are willing to connect your public account with the small program mutual.If you do not have a WeChat public number, then you can also find other public number associated with your small program.As for why people contact you, you can pay for it. If this does not happen, please ignore this clause.Here are three ways to practice:


(1) public number associated applet

(2) public menu bar setting applet

(3) insert the small program when the public number publishes the article


For example, insert the next hairy crab small program ha, click it can view suzhou hairy crab gift certificate gift box ~





  • Promotion between applets and applets (free)


Domatters Digital Marketing China does not know how many people use this method.Try it if you have more than one small program.Domatters are not going to give examples here.For example, in the hairy crab applet mentioned above, you have to buy a coupon, but you actually jump into the commodity preference applet.Because the latter authenticates and opens the payment, the former is just a flow entry.Do you get it?


  • Offline local promotion of small programs (paid, but not high)


For example, before pushing public small program, because it is food.We can make leaflets and distribute them near the e-commerce industrial park.Although the manpower is tired, but the drainage effect is good.Of course your applets have value, and the posters should be attractive.Why else would you be swept off your feet?


  • Applets paid promotion (paid)


If you have a budget, you can also consider paying for promotion.Like the promotion of public accounts.If your little program can be realized, if it can't be realized, you don't need to spend money first, because it may be waste.


Where can applet ads be?You can put WeChat circle of friends advertising promotion, wide point through the public bottom promotion, you can also be a small game small program below which just needs you to be the advertiser!



WeChat small program to carry the group, seconds kill, haggle and other preferential activities, so as to stimulate consumers' enthusiasm of low consumption, achieve rapid fission.This way of playing can accumulate a large number of accurate users in a relatively short period of time, and later merchants can use this for accurate marketing.Like you know what pinduoduo does.For example, "cut a dao for me" or "come and get the red envelope". If you don't see it, you may not know how to play.These functions need technical development.




  • Social instant reduction promotion, rapid transformation (free)


Users in the small program after shopping will get "WeChat immediately reduced gold."Users will be share friends or WeChat group "immediately reduced gold"。And at the same time, they also completed the claim.Friends can also complete new transactions through the quick entry after receiving "immediate reduction of gold".Through social fission, it brings new traffic.


  • QR code poster promotion (free + paid)


This is the most common generalization in WeChat, and it also works in small programs.Small program codes or qr codes can be generated in the background and implanted into online and offline posters or outdoor advertisements.For example: WeChat circle of friends, WeChat group, elevator, airport, activity site and so on.For example, we have one in the elevator in our neighborhood.


  • Template message promotion (free)


Template message is the push generated by WeChat applet to each user within WeChat, which has a very wide range of application scenarios for any type of applet.The content classes of the small program can use it to prompt for updates.E-commerce classes can use it to prompt promotions or unpaid bills.Tool classes can use it to help you accomplish daily goals.


E-commerce version of the small program can use this promotion.


  • Promotion of advertorials in new media or we-media (paid)


We can use fan appeal of KOL to promote small programs, or we can put small programs on WeChat and other new media platforms through high-quality advertorials or hard advertisements.At present, many 100,000 + we media have clear bidding prices for submission, you understand.





  • Share App to WeChat promotion (free)


But this is for apps.But if you don't have an APP, you can skip this one.Something like Meituan and Dazhongdianping, if you share your APP with WeChat, you have a small program.


You can write an article to do the SEO ranking to push the applet.Of course, you can also pay someone to write and promote for you.


If you need to launch an APP in China or a small program or creat a new website, or you just need domatters to help you with SEO in China or other digital marketing work, please feel free to contact us.


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