How to use WeChat index to query the latest WeChat hot keywords?

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"WeChat index" is the mobile terminal index based on WeChat big data analysis officially launched by WeChat.


How to use?


Method 1:


 Search "xx WeChat index" or "WeChat index xx" in the top search window of WeChat client, and click "search a search" below to obtain the index change of a certain word.


Method 2:


1. Open WeChat app or wechat pc software.At the top right corner of the home page there will be a magnifying glass logo icon, click this icon.Enter the four keywords "微信指数" in the search box at the top.




2. Click the search results to select and enter the WeChat index applet.



3. Click the search box in the WeChat index, enter the keyword you want, and click search after the successful input.Index information can be viewed.



Note: currently the WeChat index only supports the data of 1 day,7, 30 and 90 days.Select view under index result.The higher the index, the hotter the keyword.WeChat has no data for keywords not indexed in wechat.



4.You can also add comparison words to compare the strength of each other.Click to add the contrast word.The words you want to compare click on the comparison and you can see the exponential difference between the two words.






The application scenarios of WeChat index are as follows:


1. Catch hot words and understand trends

WeChat index integrates the search and browsing behavior data on WeChat. Based on the analysis of massive data, it can form the dynamic index changes of "keywords" today, 7th, 30th and 90th. It is convenient to see the heat trend and the latest index trend of a certain word within a period of time.


2. Monitor the trend of public opinion and form research results

WeChat index can provide the monitoring of social public opinion, and can understand the current social problems, hot events and public opinion focus that Internet users are most concerned about in real time. It is convenient for the government and enterprises to study public opinion, so as to form effective public opinion countermeasures.


3. Insight into users' interests and facilitate precision marketing

The heat change of keywords provided by WeChat index can indirectly obtain users' interest points and changes, such as daily consumption, entertainment, travel, etc., so as to form a decision-making basis for precision marketing and placement of brand enterprises, as well as an effective monitoring, tracking and feedback of brand placement effect.


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