A PK of gift box designs for the Dragon Boat Festival among all Chinese Internet companies in 2020

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Tomorrow is the annual Dragon Boat Festival in China. It's time for a legal holiday again, and of course, it's time for the Chinese big internet companies to show off the gift box for the Dragon Boat Festival. The design of the gift box for the Dragon Boat Festival seems to be a secret contest between various companies, which has gradually formed a tradition in recent years. Let's take a look today that whose design is more outstanding!


1. Kuaishou (Fast hand short video)


The strength of Kuaishou's gift box for the Dragon Boat Festival interprets "Hao wu ren xing". There are customized practical suitcases, toilet bags, rice traditional Chinese rice-pudding, rice wine, folding fans, commemorative badges, etc., which are really super practical.





The main color is the color of the traditional Chinese rice-pudding. The gift box is inspired by the dragon boat, and the text on the attached small banner is also full of bytes. It can be said that it is normal, after all, there are no small gifts around.





Douyin's own gift box is also quite satisfactory. A few boxes of rice traditional Chinese rice-pudding with a douyin small ornaments to end. But it is said that there is more than one version. If you see other versions, welcome to send them to Domatters.



Instead of zongzi this year, Baidu sent a series of xiao Du xiong's handbons and cups.(To be honest, Domatters thinks zongzi is still needed.) It's themed as "Journey to the West" and represents Baidu's vision.





4. Live broadcast of Dou Yu 

Seeing this, Dou Yu' gift box for the Dragon Boat Festival is what Domatters wants most. The game controller-shaped chicken eating artifact won the hearts of game lovers. After eating the traditional Chinese rice-pudding, the stylish PVC handbag can also be used as a street weapon.





5. Live broadcast of Huya

The color matching tiger tooth gift box is full of childlike. It is bold and lively from color matching to picture matching, and it can be played with the hand as the assembled small toy of the tiger tooth is presented in the gift box. There is food and play, and this wave of tiger teeth is doing well~




6Mai Mai

The gift box is called Oriental Long Zongzi, and the traditional Chinese rice-pudding inside are also elongated! The font has a river and lake style. After all, the workplace is the rivers and lakes. The wooden villain in the gift box is also very cute.





7Rong 360

Its theme is "melting together". The overall style is fresh and elegant. In addition to rice traditional Chinese rice-pudding, it also comes with a lunch box and a rice bag, which is very friendly to friends who like to take rice to the company~





Zhihu’s gift box for the Dragon Boat Festival is still cute Liu Kanshan. But it also gave away a small foldable backpack and small ornaments, practical and cute.





9Kugou Music

Affected by the new crown epidemic, Kugou Music's gift box this year took the line of "Health Ambassador". In addition to traditional Chinese rice-pudding, it also sent health packs, sanitary products such as hand sanitizer, and it was also very intimate.





10. Momo

Momo's gift box in Dragon Boat Festival this year is a fashionable handbag co-branded with the Waldorf Astoria, accompanied by traditional Chinese rice-pudding and a limited dessert. I don’t care if the food is good or not, I only care about whether this bag is good or not!






This year's gift box at station B seems to have gone simple. In addition to the traditional Chinese rice-pudding, it also sent a few dolls at station b, which can be cute and loving.






Vivo's gift box for the Dragon Boat Festival has two types this year. One is the orange and purple tones below. The packaging is very bold, reminding Domatters of the ancient rice basket, which also comes with a lunch box, which is very practical.




There is also a joint model with Nai Xue's tea "Sister Who Rides the Wind and Waves", with the theme "Ride the Wind and Waves, Restart 2020".





In addition to Nai Xue's rice traditional Chinese rice-pudding, it also comes with the British Museum Kanagawa surfing surroundings: canvas bags, eye masks, fans and so on.


13. Oppo & Nai Xue's tea

Oppo's Dragon Boat Festival gift box looks like a tropical botanical garden, with the theme of plants and full of vitality.




14. HONOR mobile phone

This is the most simple and stylish Dragon Boat Festival gift box. Tote bag with pure white background and HONOR logo, gift box includes storage bag, earphone bag and card holder.

The top cover is folded, the gift box can be turned into a drawer, and the side can be used as a mobile phone stand when it is disassembled.





15. Cat's Eye Movie

The Dragon Boat Gift Box of the Cat's Eye movie has the theme "Zongxiang Meow", and the overall color is also very bright and lively. The small outer box of each zongzi is designed with imagination. Salted Egg Superman and Ziqi Donglai... These represent zongzi The taste is very creative~





16. Himalayan

Himalayan is the favorite of Domatters in this issue! Because they included the card of Brother Qianxi! The theme "Zhong Yi You" is not what the thousand paper cranes want to say to Qianxi! It really understands the heart of the star chasing girl.





17. Homework help

The theme of the homework Dragon Boat Festival gift box is "helping the mobilization of traditional Chinese rice-puddings". The gift box contains not only traditional Chinese rice-puddings, but also a custom skipping rope and a set of blind boxes. I believe that blind box lovers will like it very much~





18. NetEase Wang Sansan

What a cute description! This is the Dragon Boat Festival gift box, which is a big show around March 3rd.

Netease Wang Sansan's gift box should be the most festive today. There are a lot of small gifts around, stickers, sachets, chopsticks, chopstick holders, and small decorations.





19. New Oriental English

A Chinese Dragon Boat Festival gift box with a sense of Chinese style and design. The three-dimensional picture in the gift box shows the traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. An interpretation of the traditional customs is also added. The focus is on the popularization of traditional festivals.




20. Ctrip Tourism

This year, many brands have chosen dark blue as the main color of the gift box, and Ctrip is no exception. "Zongqing Departure" is the theme of Ctrip this year. In addition to the traditional Chinese rice-puddings, there is a commemorative badge in the gift box.




21. Tongcheng Tourism

Tongcheng Tourism chose green as the main color. The theme is "All Gift Boxes, traditional Chinese rice-puddings will be Beautiful", using homophonic stalks. In addition to traditional Chinese rice-puddings, fans and small portable fans are also included. It seems that Ctrip is paying attention to summer heatstroke prevention.




22. Lilac Garden

The high-end atmosphere of black gold is matched with the high-grade atmosphere, the size of the gift box is moderate, and the portable design is convenient and easy to take.


23. Daily Excellent Fresh

The daily gift box can be said to be the most three-dimensional gift box. After the design of the folio gift box was opened, a domineering dragon boat appeared, and two villains paddled on the dragon boat. Looking at the gift box pattern again, this is not the lake of the dragon boat race!


24. Easy car

The gift box of Easy Car is mainly visualized by the illustration of the national tide. The pure blue background and the classic national tide elements such as Xiangyun look elegant and simple.

Opening the gift box is a three-dimensional illustration in the national quintessence style. It has a strong visual impact, and it also provides water glasses, humidifiers, sachets and other surrounding areas.


25. The app of Get

The obtained Dragon Boat Festival gift box is full of ancient style, not like a box of traditional Chinese rice-puddings, but more like a book.


26. SF Express

SF's gift box is also quite satisfactory, and also gave me a lunch box. This year's lunch box is the trend!


27. Green Orange Ride

The green orange gift box is very anime and futuristic. Zongzi seems not to be the main content, but to win with a wealth of surrounding gifts, T-shirts, accompanying cups, canvas bags, full of dangdang.


28. Mini Play Technology

Mini Play Technology cooperated with Xingbao Building Blocks to launch the Dragon Boat Dragon Boat Toy Gift Box. The palace style and Chinese red bring a strong festive atmosphere. It is said that there are more than 3,000 parts, this Dragon Boat Festival can do something!


29. Rent a house freely

The theme "Long Zong debut", the overall color is fresh pink and green tone, also consistent with the light and simple style that has always been. The main components of the gift box are traditional Chinese rice-puddings and small mascot ornaments, and the model of the small skateboard is also very cute.


30. Jinshan Cloud

The overall style is young and dynamic, with the theme "Super Dumpling Team", used to pay tribute to all employees and users. In the gift box, there are many flavors of zong and planet-shaped music balls. It is said that this music box hides the building of the office location and is full of design.


31. TDTLink

The gift box of heaven and earth is extremely rich. There are traditional Chinese rice-puddings, salted mayonnaise, soy milk powder, small green mandarin and customized PVC bags and hand-held fans, from eating to using, in one step.


32. Hi tea

The specialty traditional Chinese rice-puddings made by the red tea in the milk tea industry network, the color matching is the consistent happy tea color, mainly beige. What people look forward to is the taste of these traditional Chinese rice-puddings, which are all popular tea drinks.

After reading the Dragon Boat Festival gift boxes from so many companies, are you sour? Anyway, I have shaken the lemon tree. But if you have a gift box or no gift box, you have to spend the Dragon Boat Festival!

Which of these gift boxes impressed you most? Welcome to leave us a message

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