What SEO algorithm factors will affect the site ranking?

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What seo algorithm factors will affect the site ranking?   Why is there an especially large gap between the rankings of the same article published on two different websites?Find out in this article.



Site design needs to be simple and generous, frame structure and reasonable url design, so that the site stability is good.The content is real, complete, rich, meaningful and helpful to users.The user browsing experience is good.


  • the site title appears keywords


Keywords appear in the title of the site is one of the most important factors affecting the ranking.Every page and post on your site should have its own unique title with keywords for that page.


  • Keywords appear in H1 and H2 tags


Use keywords for H1 and H2 tags on your site.Usually a website title is an H1 tag and an article title is an H2 tag, but that's not always the case.Remember not to misuse the H tag.


  • ALT image label


The ALT tag is added to the image to allow the search spider to tell you what the image is about, and the ALT tag increases keyword density.


  • Description label


Description tags are now missing from SEO algorithms.But a description tag can affect click-through rates. A good description can attract more clicks, and the new algorithm takes the user's click-through rate into account.


  • CTR(click rate)


Search engines (Google/baidu) are constantly changing their algorithms and recently they have given CTR weight.It's easier to get a good ranking when your site gets more clicks.


  • the loading speed of the website.


The speed of website opening affects user experience. In recent years, search engines have been changing their algorithms for users, so make your website faster and the faster the better.


  • The number of words and the quality of the content.


When you search for a keyword, the page at the top of the list is often long.The length here is not only the number of words, but more importantly, the content is more comprehensive and rich.


  • Add site map


Do XML site map, this map is made for the search spider to see.


  •  friendship link.


In the absence of a particularly good link, you might as well exchange a few links.Links matter more than spam comments and spamming.


  • Research and analysis of keywords.


Search engine is to help users solve problems, so to think: which keywords users will search?Then organize the content according to these keywords.


  • Make mobile responsive websites user-friendly.


Search engines have been tilting toward mobile traffic for the past two years.If you want to stay competitive, you have to have a mobile site that has responsive content like a PC site.


  • Keyword density


Keyword density can affect the site ranking, remember not to stack keywords, or easy to suffer the punishment of the search engine.


  • Internal links.


Do a good job of internal links, this aspect to learn from the encyclopedia.


  • Social media links to your website.


Social media may or may not have much effect on your keyword ranking, but it will definitely bring users and traffic to your website.You should know that a website traffic if it is all from the search engine is very dangerous.


  • Make robots. TXT file.


The robot file tells the search engine what parts of your site can and cannot be crawled.Put your XML sitemap in the robot file.



  • Site placement video.


Now the trend of SEO is to video will be the direction of development.And the weight that search engine give to video station is relatively heavy .


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